View Full Version : no response to text - should i call or wait?

09-07-2008, 04:10 PM
i meet this girl at a dance clubs few weeks back. and since things have been going well. gotten several minor IOIs. she always says yes when i ask for a dance. has kissed me on check once when first meeting. has kino'ed me on shoulder as she passed behind me once for no reason but to touch me. last week we were sitting talking and out of the blue she started showing strong interest in my job etc. she said she wished she could see the stuff i work on. i mentioned an upcoming event where friends and family are allowed. i said if she meant it she could go as my guest to the tour. without missing a beat she said that if i wanted to get her number i could (unspoken but implied to contact her on this matter). next day on a friday i texted her after lunch to let her know i was able to get her a ticket for the family day tour. made joke about us being family now haha (in reference to a joke we had made about telling people we were family so she could come). she did not reply. should i call. should i wait and play it cool. i see her once a week at the same club. chances are i will see her in few days and can talk to her then even if i don't call. ive never been good at the phone game. i am starting to get numbers now but not good at making use of them yet. dont want to blow it by trying too hard. something tells me patience will pay off with this girl. advice welcomed.