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09-07-2008, 01:43 PM
Ok.. I've displayed a little value through confidence, my positioning at a like EVERY party. I always make myself look like a VIP..
When I walk into the party, I cut through every body, politely, but meaningfully(taking up space and almost expecting people to move out of my way)
I talk to everyone, and people open me CONSTANTLY. I usually end up talking to the DJ, and messing around with the music a little bit(house party venue, not club)
Then I head to the back and mess with the drinks while talking to the host of the party. People walk up to me and say wassup, shake my hand, and ask me if they can have a drink..
After a while. The girls start to show up and I end up chatting a little bit with almost every single one of them.
People giving me constant subtle praise, and showing me love..

My problem is this. When I meet the owners of the house, the dj, some of the key players and such. Now that I know them..

Should I just number# close these guys? and try to contact them later?
Should I just hope to see them around campus, and try to play non needy?
Do I simple leave it at that, and continue partying?

It seems like my objective would be to open, or re-open my friends that are talking to girls, wing for him a tiny bit to make him more comfortable with me in the convo, then take over the convo and build some stronger friendship and social proof rapport. Then to get some cell #'s so I can ping people later about events and such..

I still cannot figure out how to turn these people from growing acquaintances

09-07-2008, 08:25 PM
I feel like i have the same problems man... where i'm meeting people they are thinking i'm fun, cool, funny whatever. Then i feel like i can't ask for number because thats being needy, is there an answer here?

just step up and ask for numbers meet up with people at later dates and whatnot, i guess thats the answer here.

09-07-2008, 09:10 PM
To answer your original question: After you make friends. Then what?

Ya fuck 'em.

09-07-2008, 09:26 PM
Seriously...friendship is a bad word here...You need to consider the following actions: after you make "acquaintances" with the party hosts and what not...you need to tell them what you are there for. First of all how do you get invited to these parties? and do you usually see the same girls at most of them? if you do see a lot of the same girls at a lot of parties that might be a bad thing...and a good thing. Dig? If you tell the party hosts what you are there for (to get a couple numbers...trying to date around etc. nothing sexual {for the most part}) they usually know everyone at the party...especially girls...thus you are more likely to have girls come talk to you bc the host of the party said "you see that guy over there...blah blah blah" you know what i mean?

And you should also bring some people that you know that will be taking pictures...or look for someone with a camera that way you can be "the guy in the picture" when they put it up on facebook or myspace or something...then they will surely remember you.

And you should think of something sort of off the wall party game to do...like something for the whole party to participate in...you said you hang out with the dj sometimes...just tell him your plan (for the game) and ask him to announce it...then guess what you just did? you took over someone elses party and made it your party. :)


09-07-2008, 09:39 PM
ok it all depends.. i been living in Charlotte for the past year and ever since i been here i make alot of friends by bunches a month...I started doing alot of the house party scenes in the beginning..meetin random people...i first got along wit the guys of the house(no homo) i always would bring a good bottle of alcohol never hands empty and recieve alot of attention cuz then on the continuin party they would be like ooo ur bringin another bottle girls seek attention from guys who get it(well the little hot stuck up ones) girls are attracted to guys wit confidence which i have alot so then on it would be make out fests wit girls off shots of Patron and etc bottles of alcohol....i now moved up to the club scenes out here since i'm 21 now and i do alot of club promotion which gets me alot of attention..i'm not the best lookin lad but not the ugliest either...u have confidence u'll get them.....if ur scared of gettin rejected by number do what i usually do ....their myspace accounts or facebooks if u have one..it tends to work better u wont get rejected..a female will never tell u NO you can't have my myspace/facebook... and then u send the messages on there...they will eventually respond...if and ur a cool guy like me..u'll be bonin her hardcore ron jeremy style