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09-05-2008, 08:38 PM
Hey guys, I am actually 22 (will be 23) soon, but the question I have I think can best be answered here. Let me tell u a bit of a background story. Well, I go to med school in this very small town in central PA. There is a relatively bigger town with some good bars about 12 miles away. ALSO, there is a small branch of Penn State campus with about 3900 students. My game has improved dramatically over the past few months. I mean in college I was into game but I was definitely not getting results. I was not living on campus which didn't really help either.

Over the past summer I was mainly going to bars in this other town, but I never had good wings and it was challenging to say the least to sarge on my own but I had some success. Last weekend I went to Pittsburgh to meet up with a few pua's I knew and we went to this college/frat party. omg, it was so easy. I don't know if the girls were easy or whether my game has gone up so much. I guess a combination of both. hehe.

So considering the above scenario, I feel that it could be to my advantage to game at this campus. I mean it is actually only about 8 miles away from my apt. too. But here is the issue, I don't really know anyone there. I know one or two guys who go there but they r extremely shy and don't really go to parties much. I am imagining since that's a small school with a small campus, there won't be a lot of huge parties, however, even small parties when I could go in with at least someone I know could be good.

So what do u think? I found that there is this fraternity on campus. Obviously I can't join. But I was thinking about emailing their coordinator to see if there is anyway I could do something for them (some bullshit). Of course, being in med school I don't have a lot of free time so I don't know what I could do in this case.

Alternatively I could just go to their campus and walk in to a house party without knowing anyone. Now I have to say I have improved my rapport skills and calibration a lot so that I wouldnt really creep anybody out, but I just don't know if this is possible. I guess I could say hey my friends are at their dorm or whatever but they told me I could check this party out. I def. don't think it is that hard especially with my new level of understanding game and building a social connection.

One thing that just popped into my head is that I go down there during the day and just sarge like a normal day game. hehe. I love day game and besides it'll be target-rich as opposed to the 10-mile radius within my apt where there r more corn fields than stores. hehe. The good thing is that I dont know ANY BODY so I wouldn't feel embarrassed at all. what kinda approach do u recommend for day game in colleges? In my undergrad I didnt really sarge day game so I don't have a lot of ideas. My natural day game approach is direct these days. Would that work in schools or would it be creepy?

Could u guys in the frat/college scene give me some advice in general though? Thanks a lot!