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08-31-2008, 03:04 PM
It was not until this weekend that I found myself in ranks with a character in a movie my cousin happened to be watching. The character in question was the Vampire Lestat, from Queen of the Damned.

We share the same lifestyle it seems, dressing gothic, looking vampiric (purposefully, vampires seem to convey much sexuality to me, and I enjoy being bitten and biting), and also being a part of the "Band" or "Rockstar" lifestyle.

It gave me a whole new swagger of confidence, sort of an outside look of who I am. Then I realized, maybe other people have had this thought, and I grew curious as to who you try to portray. Don't be shy about your answer, remember, we don't judge in this forum. It's really just something I've grown curious of, So whether your Maverick (Tom Cruise) from Top Gun, Charlie (Charlie Sheen) from Two and a Half Men, Or ummm, even Leslie Neilson from The Naked Gun, share it.


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Angelina Jolie.

I get told that I look like her constantly (it hardly even seems like a compliment anymore; by now I just go, "Yeah, I know, thanks") and I like her adventurousness, confident sexuality, and a lot of her philosophies. Thought she was just another idiot on a magazine cover for a long time, and then I started reading her interviews and watching her movies, and it turns out that she's a pretty cool person. (Or at least I think so. I've never actually met the woman, so it's hard to say.)

Generally, I find it's easier and more effective to just play myself, but sometimes you need the boost of confidence that comes from pretending that you're in someone else's skin; I've found that hers fits nicely.

08-31-2008, 09:04 PM
hmm ive never been able to really put myself in someones shoes but I find it helpful to see myself in a 3rd person view doing what I'm about to do.

08-31-2008, 10:27 PM
Used to do Achilles in Movie "Troy". The movie opens with him just having a threesome and then fucking up a 8ft muscle bound monster
and fucks a virgin nun
Like that movie a bit too much haha

But now just myself ( try a personal mission statement)

08-31-2008, 11:09 PM
Blockbuster has advance copies of "True Blood" that's going to be on HBO in about a week, you might want to check it out. It might be the second time they depict vampires having sex (The Hunger might be the first).. it is HBO.

"Lestat" is supposed to be on Broadway.

Most of the Dracula movies portray him as being a master seducer. Anne Rice's non vampire books are sexually blatant, whether it's opposite or same sex, and in the vampire-related books, it's metaphoric.

Anne Rice had wanted Rutger Hauer to play Lestat.

There is the immortal vs mortal storyline which goes back to Greek mythology. The immortals see what they do as pure survivalism and human pain and suffering is something they feed off of.

I think in your teens and early 20s, it helps to take on different personas in finding your way towards your own identity.

I think a lot of musicians and personalities from the 60s and 70s carry over today. Jim Morrison was definitely your "bad boy" (Val Kilmer did a really good job with him), Iggy Pop and David Bowie (who was also in "The Hunger" and so was bauhaus) defined a lot of the "goth" look that a lot of people have used to base vampires on.. Bob Dylan had the cool mysterious "too cool for you" vibe until his bike crash (you should watch "Don't Look Back" and "No Direction Home" some time...) , Jimi Hendrix was pure sexuality on stage and when it comes to peacocking, he wrote the book... and burned it.

Highlander's another one that some people I've known have gone with..another one to do with immortals, plus it's got Sean Connery, and the TV show is still a favorite.

Tom Cruise in "Risky Business" is a better example because he transforms himself from a geeky kid into a pimp. That movie made him (and made an honest woman out of an escort). I'd also have to add 2 movies with Swayze, "Road House" and "Dirty Dancing" as what the ideal bad boy is.

Marcello Mastroianni is a good example of timeless coolness. If you have a "La Dolce Vita" or "8 1/2" poster at your place, it does make you come across as someone who has upscale taste. I'd say Clooney today is close to what Marcello was back in the day. And Steve McQueen has been brought up countless times that you just have to watch them at some point, and "The Tao Of Steve" has been mentioned as a 'must watch' anyway.

You'd be surprised how many HBs know who Robert Osborne is and the first thing that comes to mind when you mention "classic films" is "The Breakfast Club". Even though it is..

09-01-2008, 09:04 AM

James Bond.