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08-21-2008, 09:54 AM
Hey Guys,

I know I promised my Final Part 5 a while back. I've been recovering from my torn calf muscle for a while and I am finally walking. Soon I will be out in the field again.

Before I do start going out, I will finish part 5. In the time I started writing many folks who "got it" from my posts have thanked me and I am glad it's helping them.

Over time since I started sarging with a wing I've noticed the problems they have with either applying MM or any other methods. The core of any of the problems is " Their belief system" about how things are to be or how to be done when it comes to women.

Once that is corrected, everything starts to fall into place. I've given the high level core explanation of what is happening with men and women during pick-up. At this level you attract and women try to pick you up... not an easy thing to become.

Now after I write part 5. I will start to explain at the Ego based level what, why and how.

Questions like " why do women like thugs? Even high class girls like thugs... why?"

I will give not a high level lay of the land, but an easy to understand explanation of how things are with women. ( GAME ) Many of the things I wrote about I noticed some people not getting it or they were confused... Well don't worry.

I going to be writing about Game and tearing it up... You will be able to take what I wrote and run out of the house and start using methods and concepts that I write.

So get ready!!!