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08-20-2008, 09:37 AM
Alright so a small backstory:

the prospect is a girl who I have known for a while, but because she is the daughter of a family friend, and is 4 years younger than I am nothing was ever really there.

However A month ago after a group outting, she gained attraction. It was the first time we'd hung out in a non family orientated event. So the texting started a day after, and I was feeling it out. It ended up fizzling away without much effort from me.

Now a month later, this past weekend, I invited her to a party I was having, we both drank and it got very physical. Now things have picked up, and im interested, as is she. Now shes a HUGE texter, so thats life for her and my best shot. but I keep running into issues. It seems like im trying "too hard" and "too much". She keeps replying and initiating because shes interested, but reponses I get always seem like she just "rolling her eyes". She doesnt really give me anything to feed off of.

With as much as we've been texting the past few days, I dont know how shes not bored of me. We made plans for saturday but our conversations have just been drawn out and forced. I really feel like I want to just cut communication and try to play hard to get, but so far ive just keep replying because shes still replying quickly and initiating at times.

Take for example this morning...I just found this site today and was reading the sticky post, and I used the one liner "today is HOLYSHIT YOUR HOT DAY, send this to everyone you think is hot, but dont resend it to me, ive been getting them all day." Her response was "thats just the funniest thing ever"....again another reponse I took as an "eye roller".

I dunno. what do you guys think? Overanalyzing? probably!

08-21-2008, 02:00 PM
I see what you mean about "eye rollers," I hate that. It can be a kind of IOD if she's not investing, but in my experience, it's possible for a girl (especially an 18 year old girl) to be legitimately boring. She might be poorly calibrated, lack conversation skills, not realize that she's not giving you anything to work with or any number of things that come from being a youngster. What's she like in person? Do you have good conversations with her, or do you just kind of party?

If the issue is of the IOD nature and you want to try playing hard to get, leave her hanging sometimes. I like to leave the first txt maybe 30 minutes to a few hours sometimes then txt back pretty much when I get them. Then I'll stop txting for another hour or so (often when she says something uninteresting or that I don't like) then keep going. Finally, if you want, stop txting in the middle of a conversation, especially if it's something uninteresting. Just leave her hanging, conversation over.

If it's just that she's bad at conversation, give her more structure. Ask more questions and bust on her for her answers. Or... Better than asking questions, make statements that demand a response, like "You probably wanted to be a lawyer when you were little so you could take money from poor people." Statements will get her more invested than idle questions, which get interviewy. With any luck, you'll draw her out a little more and get her actually talking. If not, maybe she's just boring and you need to find a girl that's easier to talk to.