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07-27-2008, 11:08 AM
There have been many discussions on this topic, but I think I have a unique situation that I would like to discuss with all of you. I've been in France for the past 2 months on an internship, I have a friend who I met at my place of work, hes a dude. Now, he has very limiting beliefs when it comes to women and as his friend, I have been trying to help him destroy these limiting beliefs. Not my place probably and I'm getting the negative effects because of that. I've talked about and demonstrated, opening sets, I get numbers, and dating this one girl I find fun. Lately though while we're out just having fun (I like talking with groups of people even when its not for pickup).

Now, when ever we go out, he AMOGs me, and does it in French. I think because I'm disapproving his beliefs and its his way of dealing with it. He tells me I have success because of my American accent, looks, ect.

I said earlier that I speak just about no French, so my interaction is done in English with groups who speak little to no English (sometimes I'm lucky and a fluent person within, but never the entire group). This has helped me with practicing body language. He speaks in French to the group and makes fun of me, my American accent, and tries to work the group into viewing me as a stereo typical American.

I don't let it show that I'm effected, in fact in these situations usually I'm not, and I can deal with it. But in this situation I have no idea what hes saying, and when I'm talking to certain people in English, he understands what I'm saying so...ect. I'm been dwelling on this a bit, so I wanted to post here and see what you guys think:

How much attention do you believe one should be paying to something like this? Should I just not give a shit, and continue being unaffected, or is this something that could seriously damage me?

I'd really Appreciate feedback. I haven't said anything to him, probably a combination of this being good practice and me not wanting him to know I'm even effect by it.

07-27-2008, 11:53 AM
I had a problem with a friend of mine last night, and unfortunately the conclusion I keep coming to is that the best way to deal with his AMOGing is to stop hanging out with him in public. My friend is a stereotypical clownish dude, so he gets a lot of attention, always making himself look like an idiot and getting lots of laughs. We went to some bars and he was fine, but when we got to this girl's party he started AMOGing me. I was really irritated when I had hooked this 3 set and he walks up and starts asking me if I want to leave. I tell him no and get back to my story with the girls. He keeps bugging me and starts to take over my set by talking shit about me. I'm a pretty cool cucumber so I just waited for him to finish up so I could discuss his sudden fit tourettes syndrome with the girls..

The reason I can't bring this guy out is because I can't just take his crap without saying some kind of comeback, but I also don't want to imply that my friend is a douche bag and give the impression that I hang out with low quality people. If your friend is intentionally AMOGing you, you either need to talk to them and get them to stop, or you have to stop bringing them out if they can't handle that.

Since I started practicing pickup I've noticed that pretty much all my guy friends are terrible wings and need to be spoken to about it. At the simplest level I will ask them to avoid bothering me if I'm talking to strangers. At the other end of the spectrum I'll discuss some theory and point out the benifits of following a few simple tips such as not acting like a clown and behaving like we have more respect for one another than any other people at the bar or club.

If they can't handle that much, I really can't afford to be associated with them during a social interaction with a stranger. It sucks.

07-27-2008, 12:41 PM
I have noticed the same thing. My friends are terrible wings. My friends are my friends and we break on each other constantly. However most of my guy friends don't realize that this is not cool in front of women. Instantly making me look bad, and themselves as well. The other group are the guys that are still buying all girls drinks and kissing their asses immediately disqualifying themselves.

When I try to explain all the PUA shit they dont want to hear it. say that it is all plaid out bullshit. At the same time they ask how I get more ass than a toilet seat and they are always alone.

07-28-2008, 12:46 AM
Hehe, yeah, This is by no means an attack on their character, my friend just doesn't handle this shit properly, and I guess to him its making fun to get laughs. Aside from that hes cool, and actually nice, hes made my stay here in France easier, and I owe him for a few favors. But unfortunately I feel you guys are right, I simply can't afford to have him around unless I've spent enough time with the girl for her to not be affected.

I was trying to tell myself its not big deal and that he doesn't have that much affect on the group, but either way, its now bugging the shit out of me more then ever.