View Full Version : Fader 1 on 1 - NYC, July 2008

07-2008-25, 08:41 AM
I did a one on one with Fader last weekend. Well actually, we only had time for the classroom part of the one on one (we had to reschedule the infield for another day). This was due to a couple of things: Fader's unselfishness with his time, his wanting to make sure he gives as much value as he can, and also we kept getting off topic. It was really cool because we are both exactly the same age and have a lot in common. So we instantly connected which made me very comfortable with him.

I knew that I was gonna like Fader even before I met him. I've read so much of his stuff online and I was just very impressed. In fact, a couple of his postings I'll print out and reread. I hope that doesn't make me obsessive/compulsive or anything. But I guess I'm just a fan of learning as much as I can about something when I take on a particular project. Right now for me, that project is gaming/dating/women/relationships/pickup (whatever the fuck you wanna call it).
I also had a buddy who just took a bootcamp with Fader and just raved about it. So I knew that he was gonna be an awesome person to learn from and be coached by.

Fader has a different approach to things and it was very cool to hear a different perspective on this stuff. I'm still relatively new to gaming and I'm the kind of person who likes to immerse themselves in something and learn everything I can about it. Fader was the perfect person for me to learn from because he is extremely knowledgable about this stuff and he's very philosophical.
We covered lots of topics and also discussed some problems/sticking points I've been having. But I just have to say it was really cool discussing our views/philosophies about this stuff.
I've always been impressed by people who have overcome a lot of adversities in their lives and who have achieved something worthwile. I definitely consider Fader to be one of those kind of people. He is an all around solid dude.

All in all, great investment, well worth the money. I highly recommend Fader as a coach/consultant.

08-2008-04, 07:15 AM
Hey bro,
It was a pleasure working with you! It was also fun sitting outside on the bench just chilling and talking later in the night. I learned alot from that that 6 at the end of the night. Also I learned alot from the 2 set we gamed and then tried to game us later on when we were walking by the bar outside. Too bad we didnt run into them again.