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07-25-2008, 01:50 AM
When you are at the end of the qualification phase, you’ll want to isolate the target so you can move into Comfort. This seems very easy to some people, but there are also people that make it obvious that they want to be alone with the girl. They’re pretty much saying to her “wanna make out?” which usually kills the interaction.

You’ve already attracted the girl, and shown attraction towards her. Say something along the lines of “If you promise to stay interesting, we can go over there and really talk”. If she complies, then go. If she does anything that indicates a “No” or hesitation, follow up with: “Yeah I was afraid you couldn’t be interesting for a longer while” with a smirk on your face. Then roll off so she feels the loss. (Think of your own exact lines, these are just guidelines. I’m Dutch, so I just translated what I use.)

You may want to reassure her friend in some cases. Say to your target “If you promise to stay interesting, we can go over there and really talk. Just tell (name of friend) that you’ll be back soon.”

It’s a simple line, but it removes awkward situation where the target and her friends know you’re trying to “close the deal” on her. It also gets you an opportunity to disqualify when she doesn’t comply so you can keep gaming her.

Sun Slayer
07-26-2008, 07:06 AM
Good stuff. Thanks!