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07-19-2008, 10:36 AM
you can use it just like heartwork's ring routine, ask them a question playfully and let them know what their response means about their personality

PUA: you remember when you were a kid and all the toys you played with, which was your favorite childhood toy? (might want to give her the options of frisbee/play-doh/yo-yo/etch-a-sketch/hula hoop)
HB: response
PUA: really?!? wow i picked the wrong girl/ wow i didn't know you were like that(just some tease to make her ask...vv)
HB: what! what does it mean?

Go ahead and explain or you can make her wait just to make her want it more but this is what each toy means about her personality

Frisbee -- You're a natural-born athlete who thrives on outdoor pursuits. There's nothing you like better than organizing a hiking party, canoe trip or backyard volleyball game. Just as long as you're involved in a physical activity, you are a happy camper. The boundless enthusiasm spills over to your kids, and the bonds you form while you spend time in uninhibited play with them will remain forever.

Play-Doh -- You possess a creative bent that makes you a champ at everything from decorating your home to organizing the perfect party. People are charmed at your amazing efforts -- you can take the most inexpensive items and turn them into "Martha Stewart" productions. And the get-togethers at your house are famous for their originality and outrageous themes. Fun-loving and high-spirited, you're a ball of fire who lights up any gathering.

Yo-Yo -- You're a meticulous problem-solver who enjoys pitting your skills against seemingly formidable odds. Self-confident but never self-centered, you're always there to help loved ones or pals when they need a hand. Your quiet calm and uncanny ability to see all the sides of a situation make you an asset at your workplace. Both your co-workers and your boss are inspired by your creative solutions.

Etch-A-Sketch -- You are a deep thinker who enjoys spending time on your own. You're also very organized, allotting each hour of the day to specific tasks. But although you're quite content with your solitude, you are warm and generous with your small circle of pals. You also have a keen interest in community projects, and you believe that one of the joys of being human is contributing to the welfare of others.

Hula Hoop -- You're sexy and sassy, and when you enter a room, it's for sure all eyes will be on you. You're the girl who's always in the know, whether it's the latest trend in clothes or a juicy piece of Hollywood gossip. You're also a lively storyteller, regaling your family and friends with the details of your latest adventures. But while you're the life of the party, you also have a compassionate side that makes you a trusted and loyal friend.

like i said you can play around with all the wording i the beginning to shorten or lengthen it however you want but these type cold reads are have great response
here is a link to the ring routine thread (http://www.theattractionforums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=57463&highlight=heartwork) so lets try and get other cold reads listed

07-25-2008, 01:53 AM
wait so what happens she comes up with a stupid response thats outside those list?

07-25-2008, 02:47 PM
good question, when i have done it i give her the options instead of just saying which is her favorite childhood toy so thats why its not as good as other games but if you want to "know everything about her" its easier to remember than say the cube

07-28-2008, 01:49 PM
Give her a list of choices. Thats the best. And if shes interested in you, she might even meet you half way and start to tell u a story about her "red
YO-YO she used to play with all the time blah blah". I consider this a IOI.
This is a pretty good line though man.