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07-15-2008, 07:21 AM
I was planning to visit singapore next month for job thing, so I message a friend of mine. She's HB9, met her once back then, while I'm still an AFC, and barely did contacts. Just message her for every once in a while, talk usual stuffs, but not frequent. Could be a month or so just to say hi on the MSN. So I message her,

me : "Hey I'm planning to visit singapore next month"
HB : "Really? Just for vacation?"
me : " Nah... I just wanted to sleep on the park benches"
me : "Actually a company emailed me, and I want to pay a visit to them"
HB : "Oh for interview?"
me : "sort of"
me : "what was the places you reccomend me back then?"
HB : "What places?"
me : "night clubs"
HB : "Ohh. Depends. What music do you like?"
me : "well, let see Jaipongan, keroncong would be nice, dangdut are quite okay" (traditional, almost forgotten musics in our country, definitely not in the term "classy")
HB : "haha, you shouldn't bother going here to listen to those musics"
me : "Well, as they said, it's all about the ambience, not the place itself"
HB : "haha"
HB : "well, the crowds here are not good"
me : "really? why is that?"
HB : "not oke lah"
HB : "Less hapening"
me : "ungg... hapening?"
HB : "well, the point is not quite fun"
HB : "if you want to try anyway, you can check out clarke quay"
me : "do you still go there frequently?"
HB : "not really"
HB : "I barely out lately"
HB : "lots of work todo"
HB : "haha"
HB : "tough"
me : "you work for live, not the other way around :)"
me : "where do you work now anyways?"
HB : "yea thats what im trying to say"
HB : "haha "
HB : "living in sg is tough man"
HB : "property is up"
HB : "I'm still in interior designer firm"
HB : "I'm just an interior designer"
me : "My friends there are not night club type"
me : "I'll tell you what. If you accompany me once, I'll let you buy me a drink okay? ;)"
me : "At least I know the place"
HB : "haha"
HB : "i;ll see abt that"
HB : "I'm always sleeping back from work at night"
HB : "I wont be connected"
me : "it's a deal then"
me : "btw are you still in office?"
HB : "no I'm home"
me : "Can I see your portfolios?"
HB : "my portfolios are at the office"
HB : "=)"
me : "oh okay then"
me : "BTW thanks. I want to go to sleep now"

input plz?

07-15-2008, 07:50 AM
ops. I think I misplaced this one too. Missed "online game" sub forum. sorry bout that.

07-15-2008, 07:24 PM
In case this gets transfered to the right forum, I will respond with some advice..

I don't think you built up any tension.. Instead of jumping right into "hey, might be going next month to your country" stuff you could have had a brief "hey, how's it going" type thing or some other random conversation...

I would focus on getting her out to a "club" either.. You will get a lot further outside of clubbing with her I think

07-15-2008, 07:46 PM
I might want todo some night games at singapore later so well, my thought is that I wanted to get her as pivot and gaming her aswell.

I actually wanted to start it as habit not saying "how's it going" anymore. Don't want to be the "regular guy" anymore ;)

what do you think jumping to that topic makes her think?

07-20-2008, 07:40 PM
bump. Inputs please? Is it good? if it is, where should I go from there? Is it bad? What goes wrong?