View Full Version : Follow up calls and texts.. could use some advice

Jim Morrison
07-12-2008, 06:44 PM
I am not a newbie and have been doing pretty well in the game. However, I seem to have identified a nagging problem I could really use some advice on....

I am never sure how soon and often to follow up with a target via text or phone or asking for the next date. I have sometimes gotten blown out where i know part of the problem was I came across too needy or came across too strong.

For example last night i met a gal in person who I had met from facebook. Really cute and we vibed in person well. We had a drink..then bounced across street to where they had salsa dancing. She taught me a little and I did palmreading, kino escalation etc.

I then walked her to a car where we had some good kissing before she split..It was a really good and fun date...

But now I find myself really unsure on how soon to follow up..should I call today? wait a few days? send a funny text..send something saying "hey had a good time"..should i wait a few days and call only to make a second date??? should I just call to tell a funny story or DHV??

this area of where and when to follow up really seems to be a sticking point for me and could use any thoughts or ideas...

07-12-2008, 06:55 PM
If the date went well call her when you want to. Assume comfort and act in the same way as calling a guy friend - you call them when you want to.

07-13-2008, 05:49 AM
Thanks LittlbigD for letting me hear my own (supposedly intelligent) situation analysis from a more experienced mouth!

Now it's just up to me to set up some nice occasion to continue on Qualification (and Comfort and Kino) which I think we have been reaching. I'm just having a hard time coming up with a "good enough" idea (I know, I know...). The girl seems disturbingly similar to Lisa from The Game -- the wit and opinions are definitely there, although she seems to have a tad more problems with her self-image. Luckily my own feelings are rather mellow at the moment, so the buddification frame comes pretty easily.

It's just that if more days should pass, I should probably text at least something (statemental... but how to bait enough? *roll*) -- not any AFC bullshit, obviously. Just gotta try and view it first from the "is this st a friend would send to another" angle, I guess.

Come Monday, with more approaching practice as well... :cool: