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07-10-2008, 09:37 AM
Hey, kind of a newb here but saw some genuinely good feedback to other newbs lol so here's my ask -

Have been playing phone/text game with a girl that went out of town shortly after number close.

She mentioned she was going shopping.
Told her to pick me up something nice. I need a necklace. (woops)
She tells me she got a nice one for me and goes into a saying about how giving a necklace to someone can force them to obey like a dog. Do I still want the leash. (ugh)

I know she's into me but she has this vicious evil streak (that I like) need a decent come back. Any thoughts?

Lesson learned though - don't ever tell a girl to pick you up a necklace.

07-10-2008, 09:45 AM
flash of creativity right after i posted this ha. Hopefully helps someone out:

I responded with - You're such a bad girl. I don't blame you though, if I could leash me I would totally want to too. This is what we're gong to do do. You're going to give me that neck and I'm going to put it on my favorite pet.

I think I'll just pocket the neck and say nothing more on it.

07-10-2008, 01:02 PM
Tricky one, but well played for the most part. Make sure you escalate this chick though... I love women with attitude problems like you obviously seem to, so one thing to beware of is falling into this weird friendzone. When you don't escalate them, but you go about seducing them with cocky banter that they love you end up as what I call a "banter-buddy" you are a witty person in their world who can keep up with them verbally when most people can't so you end up just being some cocky dude to snipe remarks at once in a while.

So if/when you meet her in person, and if she actually has this necklace, and if she tries to give it to you, make sure you take advantage of the situation that you have created for yourself. I'd make sure to start with a little harmless kino EARLY, then put the necklace on her and go from there.

"Obey like a dog eh?" *slowly make moves to put the necklace on her giving her time to react*
If she plays along, you're in with minimal work.

This has so much potential so here is a list of things to put in your pocket for this kind of interaction:

- "You're right... I don't need a necklace to make you do whatever I want"
- EASY KINO if you get to put the necklace on her, come in behind her, lean in close, over her shoulder, smell her neck, kiss her shoulder, kiss her neck etc etc etc.
- Here is a routine:

PUA: If you were a dog, what kind of dog would you be?
HB: Blahblah
PUA: Hmm, I like that kind of dog. I think I'd buy you from the petstore and take you home. But wait... are you housebroken?
HB: Blahblahblah
PUA: Awesome, I'll put a little mat down by my bed for you to sleep on, and we could take walks everyday - but only if you're an adventurous doggy.
-into qualifying phase-

- If you are doing the "you are my dog" roleplay then you can work in the fact that when she does something bad you'll give her a spanking.
- Alternatively, and more advanced material is to tell her that you will give her a spanking when she does something GOOD.
- "that's adorable, come here. I'm going to pat your head and give you a belly rub. *pat pat* good girl."

If she plays along with any of this make sure you at least k-close her.

07-11-2008, 07:19 PM
This basically worked out so well thanks to Chill's input that I'm going to be sending each girl in a similar sitch to get me a necklace.