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07-08-2008, 05:37 AM
I went out with a friend of mine from work here in France. I will be here for a total of 3 months before heading back to california in August. He knew the area and told me he would show me some neat spots to hang out in France.

On my ways there there is this really cute girl standing next to me. I don't speak french very well, in fact its about as good as my Japense. So I do what I've been doing which has been getting positive results. Look at her, "hey are you from around here" (just brake the ice, your a foriegner). "Yes."

I get a good vibe from her...
me: okay well...
her: where are you from, California
me: yeah, and your accent isn't french...
her: I lived in U.K. for a while
can't remeber what we talked about but i didn't get to end up saying what i wanted to until we were on the metro...we sit down next to each other and continue

me: I'm meeting a friend who knows the area, but are there any clubs that you think we should hang out at.
her: yeah, go to the river, blah blah blah, blah
me: (after some talking) oh shit, this is my stop (shit, i should have gotten her number before this, i'm late to meet my friend anyways). wonderful meeting you.
her: (hopes off at the stop) wait, let me give you my number
me: you want to just join me tonight
her: yes, but I cannot, (Give mes her number, hug, and then I leave she waits for the next metro subway).

Okay so my confidense is up, haven't been talking to too many strangers but this seemed pretty cool. I talked with many girls that night, and I'll call the subway lady tomorrow. Heres something funny that happen, can anyone see how I could have managed the following better.

Three very cute girls are about to walk by, I'm standing with my buddy, and 4 guys that started chatting us up after we parted ways with some girls. They seemed pretty cool, and we're just shooting the shit.

me: blah blah balh (too drunk to rember exactly what i said, but it was probably something to do with the area)
3 ladies: (answered my question turned to face me, we talk, 2 of them spoke english, the 3rd one just stared).
it was fun, but I was cut short by one of the dudes I had just met, who stepped in, and also prettend to be American, he was acting like he was trying to help me out, eventually, he stepped infront of me and continued talking to the group in his broken english. He was telling them that they should show me and him around since we were from America.

I think my mouth open and closed a few times before i just turned around and walked to my friend. "what the fuck is he doing" my friend asked. "Haha, don't know."

The night was awsome i hit a few clubs and met a lot of people. All though its not troubling to me, sitting at my work, i can't help but think, in this paticular situation, what would have been the best thing to do, its not a big deal to me, but I'm a perfectionist...was there a save that I could have done?