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07-07-2008, 12:13 AM
Yesterday i went with my buddies on a Gay Pride day in Madrid. There were tons of people and it was really crazy atmosphere, it was really cool there!!

When we were walking down the street full of people, i saw a girl. So, this girl and i, we locked our stares, we were separated by the crowd, but i stopped. She continued to look at me from time to time. I just stopped on the other side of the street and kept looking at her. She was with a guy, but i supposed that he was some gay friend or an orbiter, because i don't think any girl would look at me that way being with her boyfriend!

She was not a 10 - she was a 12 at least, some of my girl friends that were there told me later, that she was the prettiest girl they saw that day!!
Finally, i decided to approach her, i was very nervous. But i decided to go direct. So, I came up to her and said:

Me: you just left me no choice, i just had to approach you, i don't know what is it with you, but you just have this incredible positive energy, that i'd like to know what's up with you: are you getting married tomorrow that you're so happy or you just left your boring boyfriend with whom you were for the last 8 years?
SHE: (Laughing) the last one!!!
ME: (i started to talk a bit to her male friend...)
ME: (to the girl again) Look, i don't have much time right now, i have to go back to my friends, but i want to see you again, so, give me your phone and i promise i'll call you.
SHE: OK (and she gave me her phone number.)

I said goodbye and went to see my friends.

So, the advise i seek now is how to do my next steps? I thought about texting her first and later call her, but i don't know what to tell her and when to text her or call her? I mean we haven't actually spoken, so i don't know what should i text her. Normally, when i text to a girl i met earlier, i always mention something we talked the first time we met, but in this case we din't have anything like that and i don't want to screw things up this time!

She's just gorgeous, so i'd like to do everything fine this time.

P.D. I texted her: "..Hey there, how did you end up lasta night, i'm dead tired, trying to play my guitar, but my fingers wont obey :).."

I texted her this yesterday and didn`t get the answer, should i keep texting her, call her or fogrget about it and start thibking about another girl? I just dan't want to look needy!

07-07-2008, 12:22 PM
Don't give up dude.

Call her at least. If she doesn't respond to the text it could be she doesn't know how to respond. Just call her. No reason to give up, try to call her but don't leave a message.

Call her again in a few days if you don't talk to her today

Dingo Martin
07-09-2008, 06:16 AM
What you sent her about the guitar doesn't illicit a response from her. You need to come up with something interesting enough where she can't resist not to respond.

Often if I get blown off on first text contact I'll give it like 2-3 days then I'll send something like,

You've got to get out of my head stalker! I had the weirdest dream about you.


What kind of a spell did you cast on me?

I like to emphasize that there is a really strong connection but it has to be a bit of a neg. 9 times out of 10 you'll just get "oh yeah?" or "lol" as a response. This is perfect. Feed them just a bite of the story and make them ask to hear the rest. Just be playful and go from there. Frame control is vitally important in text game.