View Full Version : How do I handle excessive compliments from the ladies?

07-06-2008, 07:09 PM
Whats good fellas!!! So I used to be a really heavy guy. I weighed almost 360 at one point!!! but now I am down to 240. Now when I see girls they are telling me how good I look and how I lost so much weight...I usually just say thank you....at the bar this weekend a friend I haven't seen in awhile was like oh wow I can't believe how good you look!! I said thank you, then she kept saying it over and over....figured it was some IOI's , wasn't really sure what to say other than thank you, I added in like " ok now be easy, I usually charge people for compliments" she laughed, now dunno if that was something good to say but I just came out with it. Just wondering on how I should handle this situation? Tips would be great, thanks fellas!!!:D

07-06-2008, 08:11 PM
I sometimes get compliments too and I'm not sure how to extend the interaction. The usual advice is that a confident person just says "thanks" or "thank you" which I have been doing consistently now. But what do you say after that?

I guess using Misinterpretation could be a good strategy here. That is, interpret her compliment as if she was blatantly hitting on you.

One thing someone said on this forum that I liked is:
"I'm not that easy miss, I need trust comfort and connection first...."