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07-03-2008, 12:48 PM
Alot of PUAs out there are against dance floor due to the fact that they're not a good dancer. That's half true but it's not all true. You CAN do dance floor game even if you're not a good dancer. But to me there's a specific type of club in which you can just go in, pull a girl from the back and start to dance with her even if you didn't even asked her to dance.

Now I bet that you're very confused about what I'm talking about, you're probraly thinking: "But dosen't this type of club game that you're talking about works in every type of club?" Well let me put it to you this way: Have you been to one of those trendy clubs, and you were on the dance floor and you were asking a girl to dance with you and she rejected you? Or did you try to dance with her and she just went away like you're some kind of creep?

Well, that's what I'm talking about. Dance floor game dosen't work in every type of club you go in to. Trendy clubs are not a good place to run dance floor game because the women are not really used to dancing with strangers. They get scared. They prefer to stay together. I remember I used to go to trendy clubs and I got rejected by alot of girls because they're not used to the way they get approached by strangers. I did get lucky by looking for other girls to dance and they danced with me. But that was too low. So in a way dance floor game CAN work but the chances are low that you're going to take it further.

Now back to the explaining. There's a specific type of club in which you can pull a girl without asking her to dance with you. And these are:

-An urban club in which it has a "GHETTO" crowd.

-A club in which the music is so fucking loud you can't even hear yourself.

-A club in which they only give Hip-hop or Reggeaton.

-A club in which the whole club is the dance floor.

Now, these type of clubs are ONE OF THE BEST WAYS to run dance floor game. And why is that? Well, the answer is that these type of clubs are built only on dancing. Think about that. If you go to a trendy club, yes, they do have a dance floor in which you can dance, but that's not a club in which you can openly dance with strangers. It's more of a club to socialize and have a good time. But in an urban/Hip Hop club, it's only a club in which you can dance.

These type of clubs are one of the best ways to run dance floor game. The answer is ANYONE CAN DO THIS and I mean ANYONE. Even an AFC can do this type of game. I remember I used to do this type of game when I was an AFC. One time I closed 5 girls!

Anyways I'm only going to explain the Hip Hop perspective of dance floor game because all you have to do is just bump and grind the girl. This works in any different club in which you can only dance. But I'm specifically talking about an urban/Hip-Hop club. I'm going to explain this step by step on how to do it:

#1 Come in with a smile:

Like Mystery said when you first enter the club, the game is on. ALWAYS AND ALWAYS come in with a smile and high energy. If you don't have that high energy buy yourself an energy drink to get yourself hyped.

#2 Look at your targets Carefully:

Be sure to look at the sets carefully. You'll find girls who're not dancing and you'll find girls who're dancing. When you see girls who're dancing. If you see girls who're dancing make sure it's only the group of girls who're dancing. If there's guy in the set don't approach. I repeat DON'T APPROACH. Where I'm from, if you dance with a girl where there're guys in the group the guys will get pissed and will try to kill you. So don't do that!

#3 Going for the approach:

This is where you start to dance. Now there're 2 ways in which you can approach the girl. These are from the back or from the front. Let's start with the back. All you have to do approach her from behind. It's that easy! Or you can grab her arm and pull her towards you. Now approaching from the front. Approach her from the front and mimic her dancing. You don't have to be a skilled dancer to do this. NOTE: If they reject you, simply move on. There're plenty of women to dance with.

#4 Always go kino:

Remember when you're bumbin and grindin, always go kino. You're already going kino by touching your crouch to her ass lol But make sure you take a lil further than that. Like hold her hand and direct it to where you want it. Or stroke her hair. That's from behind. But if you dancing with her from the front, try to touch her face for a moment and see if she likes it.

#5 Try to leave a great impression:

Remember, you want to leave a great impression with her. The reason why I say this because 3 minutes later, she'll dance with another guy like it's just normal. Remember you don't want to be that typical guy she's dancing with. So make sure you leave a great impression. For an example, try to do some negging if she touches a certain part of your body. Or if you're dancing from behind, tell her "Is that the best you can do? Come on! Dance harder!" Or you can try this: And this is one of my favorites to leave and impression. Try to switch. Instead of her grinding you why don't you try to grind her. Trust me lots of girls laugh when I do this. And it's nothing because you're having fun.

#6 Going for the close:

Now after you danced with her for a good minute. Thank her for dancing with you. Like give her a hug (another kino). Or joke around with her. Remember, you don't have time for small talk because the music is too loud that she won't be able to hear you. Just ask her for her #. After she gives you her # thank her again. Give her a kiss on the cheek and do the San Francisco Hand Shake. If she rejects your offer, move on. Remember, this is a numbers game. you'll probraly get like 3-5 #s by following these steps. It's not that complicated.

And there you have it! My very first tactic post. Like I said, Urban/Hip Hop clubs are one of my favorite places and one of the most effective ways to run dance floor game. I mean these type of techniques in some way can work for other type of clubs. But ghetto clubs with ghetto are one of the best. So go ahead, go into one of these clubs. Unless you're too scared because you may get shot by one these girls because they're ghetto I hope these techniques were helpful to some PUAs out there. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Happy Sarging!


07-03-2008, 08:09 PM
Sounds pretty straightforward. I like though that you mention disengaging from the interaction. I think alot of guys think that if they keep dancing with the girl, they can keep the kino going and hopefully that'll somehow gloss over A2/A3/C1. Usually, they'll get blown out of set when they get bored, unless you're a SUPER entertaining dancer (and I've seen them. Things I would like to learn how to do).

So I really think #6 is important, one of the things that the guys reading this going "Yeah, yeah..." might miss the first time.