View Full Version : Can someone clarify this opener for me?

07-02-2008, 06:17 PM
It comes from

Here is the snippet:

The PROPER line is "OMG I LOVE that whatever-accessory (pick one no matter how dull).. I love you I'm going to adopt you.." and then you can grab her and hug her and spin her in circles, then give a high-10 with both hands and say "you rock"..

(this is AFTER the initial high-5, her turning around to wonder who you are, you running back, and doing the dancemove spin)

She'll be laughing and giggling her ass off, and from there you've conveyed MASSIVE value to the chick, because you appear *playful*, fun, outgoing, confident, alpha, implicit social proof (you wouldn't do this unless OTHER chicks liked it), you demonstrated ability to use physical force (by spinning her she gets turned on feeling your strong muscles grabbing her and lifting her), and she will INSTANTLY start saying "what's your name?? where are you from??" (lame chick IOIs)

Now what does the bold mean and what part of the opener am I missing here that includes it?

I like very outgoing high energy openers because that's how I am at school. I sometimes get told to calm down because I get into stories and stuff with such enthusiasm lol...and because I'm in school well I have to be quieter in some cases. It sucks because I feel inhibited there and sometimes I shut down so I have to do daygame and maybe find some night clubs for 18+. A lot of day game seems to be more calm and quiet but I want to be more outgoing and playful like in a night club.
I've been watching mehow's videos of him doing night game and I love his enthusiasm and tyler durden seems to promote similar concepts and I want to know what he means in this article.