View Full Version : How to Handle "You're not from LA, are you?"

Harry Haller
06-27-2008, 11:24 AM
I'm from the east coast. I suppose I carry it around via my accent and a sort of bluntness of character. Usually, right in the middle of any opener, REGARDLESS of whether it's hooked or not, the girl(s) interrupt with, "Where are you from?"

I tease them, saying, "Do you always interrupt like this?" But the point its moot because their curiousity about where I'm from trumps this tease and it's also in vain to return to the opener (if its opinion-type).

So what often happens is that I say, "I lived all over, mostly in NY, NH, and MA....Where are you from?" If they are from these areas I can create a sort of "secret society" rapport w/ them. But oftentimes they say born and raised in LA. In this case, it doesn't even make sense to me why they're so inquisitive as to where I'm from, but, regardless, where do i go from here?

As I said, it's nearly impossible to start a new thread without conversing somewhat on this thread, but I'm asking your opinion on how do I ground where I'm from and how do I create rapport with them if they're not also from the east coast?


06-27-2008, 01:03 PM
Hey, Harry

I'm also in LA and I'm from Georgia, and just sometimes my southern accent slips out. But what I learned is depending on why you are here in LA or whatever the reason maybe, It's alot of the time you can DHV explaining why your here if played right.


07-01-2008, 02:40 PM
dude. your accent is your hook.
i love when people ask about my accent.
if a girl is asking that question its a sign of interest.
depending on your frame you can use it to your advantage.
i'm a from tn and I live in London now.
I tell every girl i'm a small town boy lost in the big city.
they love it.