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06-22-2008, 12:38 PM
Hey guys,

Well to put it plain and simple, this HB8 is trying to put me off until summer (around 4 weeks time) because she is too busy with exams etc.

I’ve known her for quite a while from my social circle, and I k-closed at a party last night, she was pretty drunk but said that ‘it didn’t just happen because she was drunk, she does like me’. There was also lots of kino, and cuddling etc. Almost straight after the party she texted me saying how her priorities are her exams at the moment, but in the summer she’ll be free. She asked ‘do you wanna take it slow’ I replied ‘yeah totally, there’s no rush’.

I’m pretty confused about what to do. She is a HB8 and the most attractive girl I’ve been with. Although, this is not oneitis; before the party I only liked her as a friend, infact it was her who initiated everything by sitting on my knee etc. I ran no game whatsoever on her…

Today (the day after the party) there has been a few exchanges of texts, just general chit chat. She also invited me to watch her perform in a play next month.

My main concern is that we’ll carry on texting each other over the next few weeks, eventually becoming bored and not sticking to the plan of going out in the summer.

I’m thinking of inviting her to a common friends party this weekend, (although may seem too soon and needy?) I’m pretty certain she would go, as her two best friends will be there. If she does go, then my plan is to stop kissing her first and say ‘That’s all for now. Remember we’re not going out until summer.’

If she doesn’t go to the party, I may have to push for a meetup (walk along the beach).

4 weeks wait is a long time! Is it worth waiting for her or should I insist its ‘now or never’.

Much appreciated


06-22-2008, 01:41 PM
If i were in your shoes... I'd say to her "call me when you're not busy" and then start seeing other girls.

06-22-2008, 01:52 PM
Well u havent insisted so u shouldnt insist (I think u did a bit bad u told her there's no rush, u let her control the frame)
The above advice is a good one say her call me when ur not busy, and let it alone. sometimes in social circles(mostly) leaving things alone will make u more desirable. Its not like she doesnt know u. Doing ANYTHING wont change her mind.
She has an image of u in her mind and shell keep that no matter what.

06-22-2008, 01:54 PM
4 weeks wait is a long time! Is it worth waiting for her or should I insist its ‘now or never’.

Yea 4 weeks is a long time to just back and forth text but don't give her an ultimatum like "now or never" It'll come across needy like you're in a rush to get her. I woulda totally busted on her C&F for saying "I can't hang till summer" lol

She asked ‘do you wanna take it slow’ I replied ‘yeah totally, there’s no rush’.

By her asking that it def seems she's into you. Start gaming other chicks and MOVE ON that being said get in touch with her in a month if she doesn't already first. If she's down then game on.. if not whatevs. o yea and swifty's advice is good

06-23-2008, 07:55 PM
I'm not sure I agree with the advice given here so far.

Definitely don't act needy or desperate, but I wouldn't just leave it for four weeks, either.

Girls often say one thing and mean another. The fact that she kissed you, mentioned a relationship ("do you wanna take it slow?"), invited you somewhere (the play) and is happy to text you, indicates she is interested. But she IS busy and she HAS got exams, so in the cold light of day her conscience takes over and she puts the exams back on top of the priority list.

I would keep in close contact, keep it light and funny; but ask her to the party or a walk along the beach (the last one I really like - girls love that stuff). If she gives you the "too busy, wait until after the exams" keep it cool and no probs. You understand. It might be the TRUTH.

However it pans out, keep this girl on the line. Move on as soon as you get any indication she is just stringing you along, but my hunch, from what you have given us here, is that she wants you to stick around. The IOI keep coming. Push her too hard and she might resent you for fucking up her exams, but play it cool and I bet you succeed.