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06-21-2008, 10:54 AM

We have a new girl startin in work this Monday. Apparently she is very hot with an awesome body. She will be working in the same area as me but will be in a seperate office so im thinkin ours paths wont cross much during the day, only occassionally.

Any ideas on how i should game her? Like how to conduct myself when first talking to her etc?

Thanks in advance!

06-21-2008, 10:57 AM
"Hello, I'm Gibonz, are you new here?"

Big Business
06-21-2008, 11:07 AM
Your intro can be as simple as that. No need to go crazy. People who work together exchange names and get to know each other. It's just something that people do.

However, if you want to game her, I would suggest getting her out of the work environment as soon as possible. The modes of the emotional model are difficult to go through when you are at work, and some of the stuff (like escalating touch) can get you in trouble with HR. You know how girl's have an anti-slut defense in front of their friends? Well, double that for the work place. No girl wants to be known as the office slut.

Get her out of the office and get her alone, then game away.

Here's something you can use if you like...

"Do you work here? A bunch of us are getting a drink after work. You should come."

cheez avenger
06-22-2008, 07:19 AM
Don't shit where you eat.

06-22-2008, 11:19 AM
Hanging out with co-workers outside the workplace is fine, never make it seem like you're asking her out on a date if you're going to hang out with her. I just leave things open ended as far as what's going on over the weekend, where I'm going, what I'm doing, give me a call if you're interested and meet up, it's a lot of fun.

When someone new comes to my job, I'll ask them about their background and talk to them for about 5-10 minutes. If she's got a desk set up, she's going to put pics up. If she has a bf or a husband and she doesn't put the pic up, she's either gay and wants to keep it quiet, she's unhappily in a relationship, or there's no one guy. A lot of photos with her friends, she probably parties frequently. A cross, is going to be somewhat traditional, maybe not a constant churchgoer. Usually some reference to what university she went to... college sports team, frat logo on her coffee cup. And there's usually a female present that's also asking questions, so you wind up getting a ton of info out of her without raising eyebrows and it looks like you're hitting on her.

I'll ask about whether she has friends in the area, if she grew up in the area, does she keep in touch with old friends.

Throwing a barbecue and having friends and co-workers you're friends with and inviting her (and have her bring friends over) is usually ok. As long as most of them are going to be there.

The female co-worker will be complimenting the new girl on her shoes, etc. You also get a good idea if she's the type to be competitive and catty with female co-workers (most women prefer working with guys because there's less socially-related things affecting their job), but that usually takes more time and if there's an opening for a higher paid position internally.

Thing is not to get involved in workplace romances where emotions are going to take over. That doesn't mean the drunk ONS never happens, it definitely does, but if she's cool and laughs about it, it's not something she's going to go to HR over and get you to lose your job unless she's that angry thinking there was something more to it. It all ties into consent and having a good time, and no questions about whether there's a connection or not.

Keep in mind that at some point if one thing led to another, you're going to be gossiped about by her even if you promised you were both going to keep it between the two of you. Someone's going to get nosy and ask the right question.

I agree you shouldn't game co-workers. But things happen, and half the time when co-workers hook up it's not a big deal. I'm thinking if it's like 2 divorced parents that work together, they're both going to be more mature about it vs a straight out of high school girl trying to make an impression, and the manager using power to seduce her. There's a school that's in hot water over someone using a girl's job as leverage, which is wrong. There's usually more to the story.