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06-14-2008, 12:34 AM
This goes out to all up and coming PUAs & MPUAs. In my opinion if you wanna be good, especially accelerate your game, youíve got to sarge alone at some point on this journey in becoming super successful with women . Incase some of you are wondering what Iím jabbering about, iím talking about your Inner Game, Iím still on high from last night as I type this words. No, not high on drugs but from my first ever solo sarge! For me, this is a major confidence booster, to pull this off without the comfort of my wing there. This was brought about with my regular buddy being on holiday and I was getting rusty plus I wanted to do something about my inner game and thought what better way to go. I wanted to be more relax around beautiful girls and incorporate some naturalness into my game also and guess what, I think Iím on my way.
Though as simple as my goals was for the night, which was just to get into the club sarge a few guys for social proof and open a set, all week I was dreading it like crazy! But was determine to beat that negative inner voice to a pulp!
So, finally managed to get into the club (made sure I arrive early to ensure entry), keeping in mind with the usual doís and donít as a newbie. I could not believe my luck when I spotted this 2 HBs (9&8) seating in the corner charting, this was perfect. This was the moment, though this was some thing I did a few times while my wing was nearby with ease, but now I was all alone and these time my heart was pumping twice than normal so hard that I thought it was going to fall out of my chest! But guess what...opened with some lame line and it was ok! Before I knew it I had them smiling and showing lot of IOIs. I have to admit it was not one of my best set but I achieved my set goal for the night. And it felt soooo good, came out the club walking down the street like John Travolta in Satruaday Night Fever.
Guys, the bottom line is I canít explain what this is doing to my confidence right now or how Iím seeing the game now. If you are a newbie/intermediate like me you need to get out of your comfort zone now, push yourself, challenge yourself hard to make it on to the next level. This is what the game is about.
Now Iím thinking wing or no wing, fuck it! I Iím going sargin.

Lone Wolf 20
06-14-2008, 03:26 PM
Now by solo sarging do you mean going out completely alone to a bar or club? Or can it mean going with your friends but just meeting new people there all by yourself and not with anyone else?

Personally, I'm very reluctant to go out by myself because I like hanging out with my friends and I will admit, I have some approach anxiety. The odd thing is, I don't really care about getting rejected all that much and I'm actually quite successful when I actually do approach.