View Full Version : Opening by itself

06-12-2008, 03:26 PM
Can get you 500 % more girls

If you open 100 girls/sets that you wouldn't open otherwise, you are BOUND TO GET LUCKY even if you arent good. And, who cares? You will get AT LEAST 5 of those girls, probably more (hopefully decent looking ones :p ). You dont even have to be good at "game" at the moment, luck is on your side. You may get blown out 95 times, but 1 of those girls is bound in be good looking and will be into you for some reason. Obviously you want to improve and be good at it, but the point is to open, open, open.

Abundance mentality. There are so many friggen girls, its ridiculous. Your mind cant even comprehend how much a billion is. Who cares about rejection?

Open sets!!!