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Da Proof
06-06-2008, 12:51 AM
Hey Guys

I just had a moment today. A while back Ii use to talk to this alot on the phone. See use to ask about my day & talk about her issues. Now it seems like she's talking to me less and less. She is a busy girl and I dont wanna look like and AFC & Call her too much.

So I left her a voicemail being C&F about why her phone suks. Now I said I'd call her back(VOICEMAIL) and I did about 2 hrs later. When I did she still didnt pick up & stuff like this has been happing for a while. She already has a Boyfriend but he was one of the issues she use to tell me about. Now I also sent her a text when I didnt get her saying " Wuzzup? Call me 2nite"

Now my question is do U think I should have left another Voicemail? If I did what would I say that would come off needy? Second should I have texted her? Its been weeks since we seen each other & we get most conversation in small texts now. I didnt get anything back and I'm thinking of calling her tomorrow morning or this weekend. I think she likes me because we were inseparable for a few months on the phone & AIM.

Let Me Know

06-06-2008, 02:33 AM
I think you're getting one-itis.

What do you really want from this girl....a phone buddy? Why are you discussing her issues with other men?

Your whole approach is AFC.

It's FuBR man, as far as her seeing you as a sexual counterpart.

Move on and learn the system.