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06-04-2008, 01:56 PM
So in the way that our current society works especially with people of my generation, text messaging is becoming as common if not more so than actually calling a person (which I actually think is pretty sad). Nonetheless, having good text game is necessary now a days.

Side Note: Call a girl whenever possible. If she texts you, call her back sometimes instead of texting back. It is a bold move and shows confidence and should catch her attention making you stand out. I actually had a conversation with a girl about this a few days ago.

Back to the text game. Good text game I think is pretty cocky funny and neggy, just keep everything to a fun tone and playful. Nothing to serious. Anyways, I could expand on this for days but I believe this topic has been touched already.
A HUGE part of text game is the point where a female does not respond to your last text. This is the breaking point. This can be a shit test or can simply show that she is getting bored or no longer interested. If your text conversation gets to this point you are in trouble. What your mind will urge you to do is send her another text, but what do you do in this situation? I do not think you should send her another text looking for a response. You will be chasing her and that is EXACTLY what she wants, and once your chasing your in AFC mode. Don't chase. EVER. Should you send her some kind of playful neg? Should you call her? Should you drop the conversation all together and just wait for her to text you back or make first contact in a few days? With all of these options you are delaying your progress in the relationship between you and her and you are essentially rolling the dice because if these options fail you are probably up a creek without a paddle. I am looking for some really solid advice on this situation. I feel it is critical. Does anyone have any "canned" responses or routines that solves this scenario? Fader, Savoy, Vapor, LondonSoul Cajun, what do you do in this situation??? Also everyone else, how do you guys deal with this situation? I know this situation is pretty common. Lets solve this thing right now. Does anyone have any "canned" responses or routines that solves this scenario?

sundance kid
06-04-2008, 02:17 PM
i'm very curious about this.

up until this point, if i'm having a bit of a text session with a girl i like and she kind of fades off, i just let it slide and wait a couple of days. i never want to beat a dead horse, and i always want to be able to salvage it. anyone else?

06-04-2008, 08:26 PM
Im always the one to end it after 3-10 messages MAX.

Im the type of guy who makes his text messages full to the max.None of these one liners because those will get the girl bored man so maybe change up your texting style.

I got a little sidetracked but just make sure that doesnt happen.I always try to start it near end of the night and end it with a good-night.Why?Because YOU are the last one on HER mind and its proven that while sleeping (or atleast trying to sleep) she will be thinking of the scenario you guys just had

Basically what Im saying is follow ^ and you wont need to worry about what happens when it fades because it shouldnt get to that phase.If it does,cut contact and wait a few days or a week and begin again

06-06-2008, 02:27 PM
This actually happened to me the other day, all i really did was: The next time we had a conversation (which was like 2 days later), i'm the one that stopped texting, haha, i just felt like being the one doing it...