View Full Version : am i playing this right?

05-29-2008, 07:19 PM
-met at bar, texted a couple days after, some banter, nothing huge. didn't ask her out or even suggest making plans.
-text a couple days after that, some more banter, talk about sports, decide to maybe get together on Weds
-weds rolls around and she is busy, hmmm... but she says "you're allowed to call you know". i respond with something witty and say maybe i'll let her know what's up on saturday (she's supposed to be free)

---so, i guess i should call her friday or sat? chat to keep the momentum going and maybe meet up? i didn't play the needy role at all. given that she's telling me i'm allowed to call is code for: CALL. right?

-met at bar, HIRED GUN. text maybe 4 days later, too long, i know. text quite a bit and i get her really into me. almost eating out of my hand, asking me all these questions about me. i don't show too much interest in her, just tease and joke around. she says she's working thursday till 10pm, asks if i'll be around. hmmm...
-text again on weds. she texted me to say sorry she didnt get my text, working. so, we go back and forth for a while, i dont suggest we meet up or anything. i didnt even tell her i was out, i think i should have. she seems to lose some interest, boooo! i ask what she's up to the next night (thurs). she's busy, and busy fri and sat. she tells me exactly what she's doing each day. THEN, she says to text her tomororw if i want. i tell her to do the same, goodnight.
-she texts me today. i respond. she asks what i'm doing tomorrow. i say i'm going out, ask her what she's doing. BAM, no fucking response?? i'm assuming she fell asleep? i highly doubt she immediately decided she didnt want to talk with me anymore.

here, again, i assume that i am still in decent shape. i am unreactive and unchasing of her. if she doesn't respond to a text, i don't re-text. maybe she is trying to get me to do that?