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05-19-2008, 07:43 AM
Where should I start? Fader is a pretty average looking guy. About my height of 5'7" or so, with greying hair, average build. In short, he really was an average looking guy, nothing super spectacular going on for him (physically, that is). The first two things that went through my mind:

1. Wow, is this Fader? I heard so much about his game, but he looks average.
2. If he has such sick game with his looks, I can pull it off too ;).

We sat down for an hour or so talking about the theory of day game, and the differences between day game and night game. After we did all this, we went out and put it into practice.

The Venue:

The Venue was a mall. A shitty mall. It's Cleveland though, so I guess I'm not too surprised :D (not hating, just the truth). Like, there were honestly MAYBE 50 people in the entire mall at any given time (on the weekend). Definately not Fader's fault, though I know he kinda beats himself up over it. In case you're reading this, mad love for you bro, don't worry about it.


My first approach was ok. Went in, opened, fluffed, then ejected. Fader asked me why I ejected. I told him that I was worried that I was going to fuck it up or something stupid like that. He told me to always push the interaction as far as I can, and don't eject early. This was the first thing he said to me that really impacted my game throughout the weekend.

Coupla more approaches later, I felt a LITTLE more confident, but something still wasn't clicking for me. So I turned to Fader and was like, "Fader, I want to see you do an approach man." So he approached, and I watched and listened. Then it suddenly came to me what I was doing wrong. It was seriously like being able to SEE the matrix. I was like "AHA, I get it!"

I approach the next set. Open, transition, and start an attraction routine stack without a single hitch. None. I was Neo....well, a Neo who ejected after the attraction routine stack. Fader told me I did much better, but I should still push the envelope even further, and that I was getting plenty of IOIs, and probably could have went into qualification.

It was awesome.

Since the Venue was pretty shitty, we had some downtime where we would just talk like friends, not PUAs, not mentor and student dynamic.

All I'm going to say is: Dude, Fader CARES about his students man. He was all about giving value to me, and helping me work on inner game issues...even issues that didn't really pertain to pickup explicity.

All in all, I have to say this about the weekend:

It was life changing. I'm no Fader, Savoy, Cajun, or other badass instructor. I'm not even close to their level. However, I can see the keys to social dynamics. The way social interactions break down in real time. I am starting to recognize microflinches as they occurred, and tried to calibrate my game to accomodate. I know I still have some AA issues to work out, but all in all, I feel that my game has improved dramatically. That is only half of it too. The other half? Well, in Fader I think I found a mentor and teacher, but also a lifelong friend. His willingness to help people, his passion, and his honesty makes him just that awesome to keep in your life.

Thanks for everything, really meant alot.

05-20-2008, 05:51 AM
LOL def pretty average! It was great working with you bro. Even though the amount of people in venue was not my fault I take teaching pretty seriously so I will make it up to you just keep an eye on my schedule.

As far as highlights I will never ever forget that set with the Chinese girl and as proof it works you did a second set like that. That one didnt go as well because of dialectual (is that a word?) differences.

It was fun just chilling and walking around with you. Just talking about life like that made me feel like an older brother which is great because i have no siblings. I think you are going to be great you just have to get past that first hump because when you come alive you really shine.

Dont be a stranger :)