View Full Version : The Tale Of The Two Sisters

05-14-2008, 11:02 PM
So theres this classy and attractive young lass that I'm gaming at the moment, Ive nailed her older sister and I'm not sure if she knows or not..

She left her jacket in my car one night and she got my number off her sis so that she can organize a time to come pick it up..As you do I've been gaming her via text msg and come unstuck..All was going well until now. Could someone tell me where I've blown it, thanks boys...

We had had a fairly long convo before this:

ME: Oh what a shame, maybe I'll have to lure you to my house with lollies..Do you prefer M&M's or skittles?:) Congrats on going out though thats awesome that you made some friends...

HB Tall: Lol actually I'm going to the races for my mums graduation. ha ha and it doesn't matter about the lollies I love them all:)

ME: Ahh of course I should have known better...Ha ha I just thought of the most perfect nickname for you

HB Tall: Ahh great whats mr smarty pants come up with? Shouldnt you be doing university work instead of interrogating me??

ME: Hmm you must have pretty high msg confidence if you assume that I'm "interrogating" you...the question is can you maintain that confidence through real life where it counts:)

HB Tall: Shut up. I'm about to run out of credit

What happened here??