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05-11-2008, 03:03 PM
Always when a girl is acting cold towards me, I act unaffected, ignore her and go to other women. Inside Im like "FUCK" but outside im like "no big deal". I always show them that no matter what I will always have women by my side.

However, I feel like I am playing power games to much by doing this and I feel like girls will never realize that I care about them and that I play with them only. I feel that sometimes I am doing this to fast instead of fighting for the girl a little bit.


05-11-2008, 05:33 PM
You don't have to act like a social robot but always hold your composure in those situations. Never let women think your affected by them acting cold towards you, or else they will see you as vulnerable. Women like guys who show they have some power and are unaffected by the little things.

Just move onto the next woman and have fun. She will see your social credibility by you having a great time with other women and be jealous. Take some time off her and try again a little bit later.

I used to let my emotions show that way when I was an AFC. I still have your situation happen to me alot but I leave my emotions for when I'm alone. Its frustrating and depressing as hell but eventually they'll come around.

05-11-2008, 06:10 PM
I'm still an AFC, but one thing I've always done is made sure I'm the one that ends the conversation with a woman, and not have her end it with me. If its not going well, its not going well. Cut my losses & move on before others pick up on the girls vibe towards me.

Though I was fuelled by pride more than any psychological warfare game plan :p

05-12-2008, 12:11 AM
It depends on why she's acting cold to you.

The general response I follow to negative behavior from the girl is:

IOD, DHV, Compliance Test.

That means, I show some level of disinterest on my part..

Then I do something that raises my value.

Then I do something to get her to comply in any way, to see if she has warmed up to me.

You don't want to seem like you are INTENTIONALLY punishing her when IOD'ing.

The purpose of IOD'ing is to imply that SHE has lost some value in YOUR eyes.

Often I'll use a generic statement to IOD, such as "aw, you're not as fun as I thought you were."


"Bummer! Here I thought you were a cool chick!"

Then I'll DHV by either talking to someone else and entertaining them.. or calling someone on my cellphone and talking to them.. or even going into a story to DHV myself. Just something to leave that IOD (DLV) hanging in the air over her head.. And keep her feeling the desire to validate herself and win back the value she lost in my eyes.

Then I'll give her a chance to "redeem" herself by coming back or turning back to her, and giving her a compliance test. It doesn't matter WHAT kind of compliance test.. she'll be eager to comply because she wants to regain the value that she lost in my eyes.

A simple "Do you want to play a game with me?" works well. If she says "okay", she's complied, and now, she's gone from being cold to being more open.

You can even reward her for complying. "Good girl.. okay, this game is called.."