View Full Version : Headed toward LJBF, going to text this week, need to know what to say...

Truth Mat
05-11-2008, 01:49 AM
So I # closed this girl in my class. And after we took our final we were walking out to the parking lot and I said, "Hey do you want to hang out sometime?" She said,"Yeah, just text me."

We sat next to each other all semester and talked and stuff but I never really did anything about it (I only read The Game and Mystery Method a couple months ago). But I get the feeling that I'm headed toward the friend-zone with her unless I play my cards right.

I last talked to her Thursday and am planning on texting her later this week with a "Happy Birthday" text (her birthday is next week) and just going from there and, hopefully, setting up a day we could hang out or whatever.

So I'm looking for suggestions on how to approach the situation. Also, I'm pretty sure she's in the process of getting back together with her ex-boyfriend.

Truth Mat