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05-04-2008, 11:07 PM
OK, so as I'm learning about game, I'm beginning to find out how important inner game is than anything else. This is why I love the game more, because I can grow into some that not only women will find attractive and will respect but into someone I love and will respect as well. I do currently have a few problems that I would like to address.

First off, I'm currently an assistant manager at a fast food pizza place. I keep thinking, "Did I do this for the right reasons and intensions?". Of course it requires alot more responsibility which I don't care for. However, I wanted to do this to make more money, have the experience, when I go out for another job I can put this on my resume, and have it as a somewhat DHV to women. The problem is, my current head manager who I use to work with transferred to another store, so I'm working with a new manager which I don't like.

Supposedly, what I head from my other stores and from my ex-boss is that she is known to steal money. Just recently, I was short over $200 but because me and the other 2 managers for that day didn't do a shift change, its going to be divided up and $75 will be taken out of my next pay check and I already sign a form that gives them permission. Now I'm thinking, that she probably was the one that took the money. I just don't have any hard evidence so I can't really do anything about it.

Right now, I don't know if working as an Assistant Manager is worth all this hassle and if I should just go back to driver until I find a new job. Then again I don't want to be a quitter either.

Another thing is shit tests. I'm not talking about ones when I'm in the field gaming but from random women and friends. Like today, I was doing a shift change for a woman because I was closing another store. She "sorta" asked me to put her keys on her keychain for her which I did but told her its going to cost her the next time I do something like that. Now, I did tell her to do some things for me so it won't be all on me. My question is basically, if I'm not trying to game the woman or whatever, would she still be shit testing me and I'm a pussy if I just go ahead and do it or am I'm thinking about way too much?

05-04-2008, 11:26 PM
you're thinking about it too much. You're not gaming her so she doesn't matter anyways. you fail the shit test if you did it in an attempt to make her like you.

being an assistant manager...I work at a pizza store too (I've been a driver for about 2 years) I could've been "promoted" to assistant manager a long time ago, but It's not worth it to me. where I work, I'd actually be taking a pay cut while taking on much more responsibility, and I get to miss out on things that I like about driving (such as hot women answering the door in little-to-nothing...oh man, I have a couple stories about tonight, but I digress) The pay is seriously not worth it, as they start assistant managers at $8/hr and it could go up to $10, while drivers are paid $5.25 but you get tips if you add the tips, then it goes up to like $12-$15/hr

05-04-2008, 11:27 PM
I think you're thinking wayyy too much. Nothing wrong with little favors. If she asks you to put the key on nicely, then there is nothing wrong with doing it. Saying "no" for no apparent reason just makes you an asshole. However, if she demands it, then you spank her and put her in her place.

05-05-2008, 02:11 PM
Read "48 Rules of Power" by Robert Green (English edition is the best)
there is the hole chapter about it.

Do many little favours and don't take anything from it. People will be begging you to ask them for help.