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04-29-2008, 12:37 AM
So I texted a former classmate of mine (8/10 physically, skinny preppy
indian girl that works at Armani Exchange, has a boyfriend) this

I'll explain my thinking along the way. NOTE: This girl is not an interest, I didn't number close her, etc etc. We were classmates. She DID drunk text me for a long time for a few weeks which I considered a single IOI. Her boyfriend is huge though, I'm not trying to get with her, just practice my text game.

I start. Assume a space is a change of people else talking.

...we need to talk... (creates a sense of worry and wants to know the
next message really bad, grabs attention)


I had you worried for a second didn't I? How was your weekend.
(relieved her, but showed I'm willing to risk her)

more like confused. (hmm backfired slightly, but I still got her
curiousity) It was good how was urs..

It was a party as usual. I remembered I said we should grab a bite to
eat a few weeks ago and got busy. slipped my mind. still interested?
(granted, by asking her if she's still interested I made the mistake
of letting her have the power)

Ya me too and I would but I'm so busy this week I have 3 mid terms n
they're my hardest..are u done wit mid terms?

I have one next week and one this week. I'm pretty busy too but I was
goign to see when I could squeeze you in. (false time constraints)

Haha are u flirting with me?

Your boyfriend wouldn't like that. He's twice my size. Not looking for
a beating. What do you think? (I didn't say no (yet), and let her
decide if I was or wasn't)

you're right he wouldn't like it..if u are flirting that is (note how
she hasn't been creeped off or expressed any kind of disgust with it,
only her boyfriends probable disgust)

I'm not. You're just an interesting confident person that I haven't
seen in a few weeks. But if you think I'm just being another guy I'll
leave you alone. ;)

Haha im not too worried about it ur fine.

Lunch thursday at 12 in the VU (cafeteria) Come if you wish. Come as
you are. I'll be there. (demonstrating that I don't care if she comes
and that she's not the deciding factor of my lunch plans)

I'm gonna be in class

Pity. I gotta go study now. But give me a call when your schedule
frees up. (no need to linger, I said what I wanted to say)

haha ok we can do lunch friday or something. but I'll hit u up. have
fun in class.

Let's see if I get an actual call.

I already know I'm busy in class...
but I didn't tell her that.

No intentions with this girl other than good conversation, but she's
smart and got a lot of her stuff together. Just wanted to see about a
less direct approach to getting lunch with her.

05-26-2008, 02:25 PM
you seem like you really know what you are doing. id like your opinion on how to initiate a total knockout from my pskye class that i am already kind of talking to on facebook but im not sure if its anything specail to her yet. let me know if you have any ideas or if u want more of the story.

06-03-2008, 04:30 PM
Don't pull your punches because she has a boyfriend. Who cares? If you're going to game women you better accept the fact that you are going to get your ass kicked once in a while, no matter how tough you are. I gamed a chick whith a psycho orbiter named Mongo. HIS FUCKING NAME WAS MONGO.

Don't be a pussy, being afraid of another guy for some stupid reason like that is NOT going to help your inner game son.

Game on. Style says there are no failures, only learning experiences, and if getting experience is your goal, then you need to game everyone and be ready to escalate at any time. Push it. Plow ahead.