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04-28-2008, 04:39 PM
ok so i went to the gym today and on my way in i noticed this hb8.5 walking behind that ive noticed before in the gym. so being the gentleman i am i open the door for her to get into the gym...anyway we both walk to the check in desk, shes a little bit ahead of me and this is how everything started

checkinguy: heyy sweetheart howve you been i havnt seen you here in a while

hb8.5: (smiles) i know

me: (jokingly look at the check in guy whose like 55 and say) hey, how come you never greet me like that and we both start cracking up

hb8.5: (smiling at me and says) its because i havnt seen him in two weeks because i havnt had time to come here when im usually here like everyday (or something like that)

me: well i havnt seen him since last friday and it feels like forever to me (dont ask i know...kinda gay)

hb8.5 (smiles at me, puts her hand out and introduces herself to me)

i tell her my name and shake her hand while smiling back at her.

while we were working out we both looked at each other a couple of times and smiled.

so my question is...since im kinda new and all to the game is there a shot at me getting her number and how exactly can i do this...like what should i say to her the next time i see her?

04-28-2008, 09:26 PM
she is attracated to you.
and don't say your name, somethign something funny instead. i am always say i'm santa clause (hb: no your not. me: i sure am. i lost some weight though, miss clause started feeding me slim fast bars instead of cookies, she said i needed to look good. in a couple months we are going to see her parents, and she wants them to be impressed by body. god, all you women all the same, only wants us guys for our body, makes me sick, (bla bla bla...)

game her a bit more. tell her a couple DHV stores, play a couple games, get a conversation going, then get the number. or, after gaming her for a bit, be like "i'm about to go to subway, you comming?"

04-29-2008, 02:09 AM
see thats the thing tho, im still working on this DHV thing and what kind of games???

05-01-2008, 04:56 AM
hey man, first, watch your body language, keep doing what your doing, use somemore humor (Don't be a clown) check out the routines manual. Next time you have her laughing walk away, say something like hey I gotta get back to___ and then came back later whenever you want. The next time you see her, have your shoulders relaxed down and back, walk a little slower than normal, keep your head level, when you see her make strong eye contact and smile, go right up to her and tell her a story like something that was crazy that happened to you, speak in a slightly slower confident voice, when telling stories, use voice inflexions. If you have any other questions let me know, also if you haven't gotten the magic bullets do so, along with the routines manual, at the mysterymehtod.com, they will help alot

05-01-2008, 07:24 AM
She's definitely interested. It seemed like you showed a little to much interest with your opener, but I'm betting you had a good frame and your humor was what attracted her. Remember, you don't want to show any IOI's until she does first, and make sure there is a legitimate reason for you being attracted her - not her looks. If you read Mystery's post, "BAIT/HOOK/REEL/RELEASE", you will understand what I am talking about - you can find it in the Classic Writings section of this forum.

These guys above me gave you great advice, although it's generally better to # close the first day. Since you've waited so long to talk to her, and you didn't close when you finally did, some girls may take this as you being nervous, which DLV's you.

I would take agold's advice and bring her on an instant date.

Let us know!