View Full Version : So isolated. Can't move. Nowhere to meet girls.

04-2008-25, 10:36 AM
I'm sorry but I'm about ready to pull the plug on HS and just stick it out until college. Here's why

1. I go to an All-Boys High School. I can't find any girls to talk to.

2. My social circle isn't introducing me to any new girls.

3. My parents are pretty restrictive so parties and other things like that I rarely go to.

How the hell do I meet lots of girls if I go to an All-Boys School? Quality women are so rare to me. I feel like I have no room to maneuver at all. I got 2 weeks left in my Senior year. I know there are better times ahead. I'm going to a great college with plenty of hot women, but I just hate it when there is nothing to do here. I'm just dying to go out and open sets and practice. I've got *some* practice in this year. Couple girls at a party once, and some European girls I met a few weeks ago when I was in Switzerland. I was surprised with how well my game was and how girls I once thought out my league were all of a sudden acting nervous around me and trying to impress me.

Anyone ever feel this way? I'm too young to go to clubs and bars and my current situation has me so tied down I don't know what to do. God damn! I just want to punch something.

04-2008-25, 10:55 AM
How old are you?

you should be out of school in month or two.


04-2008-25, 12:37 PM
I'm 18. It's just pissing me off. That I let me High School years go by without having much fun.

I made tons of mistakes. Freshman - Junior year I was a completely different person. Very weak, avoided confrontation, socially stupid, never set boundaries with people(let them walk all over me), bad with girls. Now I'm finding its very hard to break out of that role when people have already assigned it to you for 3 years. I figured though I got 2-3 weeks left in school. I can just forget it and start new in college. I'm never going to see these people again if I don't want to, but its killing me that I can't game from now until I go to college next year. Ah!

04-2008-25, 12:51 PM
Dude, exactly!

College is a second chance. Don't fuckitup!

04-2008-25, 01:00 PM
I go an all boys school too, just join a youth club or something out of school to meet girls and a new social group if its worth it time wise. If it isn't worth it time wise (be honest with yourself) then focus on reading material on inner game and trying to get that inbedded.

I'm from England and I found that when i went to the USA all the girls were all over me like a rash. I think its something to do with social consequences and novelty. The guy is travelled and from another country, and once he has left the country he is visiting, all the responsibility can be shifted onto him easily.

04-2008-25, 01:49 PM
Well I'll be honest with my self I don't have time to deal youth clubs and new social groups. Maybe at the beginning of the year. I have however been reading a ton of inner game and really focusing on that. It's starting to show in my day to day life too, which is good.

Anyway, I totally agree with what you said with girls outside the country. I'm from the USA and when I visited Switzerland I had a 10 with a boyfriend very interested in me. In fact the whole time I was in Switzerland, girls were blowing me kisses, and being very responsive and happy to talk to me. Not because I'm esp. good-looking, but because of what you said, hegarty. Novelty and No Social Consequences.

04-2008-25, 02:21 PM
sidenote - who sends their kid to an all boys school? I feel bad for you dude...

lol, you might be able to loosen your parents' restrictions by telling them 'If I don't meet some girls soon I'm turning gay, so get off my back when I want to go out!'

04-2008-25, 02:31 PM
Well I'll be honest with my self I don't have time to deal youth clubs and new social groups. ..................

And what are you so busy with??????

04-2008-25, 02:36 PM
Well nothing really. My schedule doesn't have much on it. The problem is I only have 2 or 3 weeks till the end of the year. Its too late to join clubs and the whole thing with the new social groups I feel isn't worth the effort if I'm graduating so soon and then I'll be off to Italy for a month during the summer with my family after graduation.

04-2008-25, 02:45 PM
Oh, ok, I thought you meant like you're "too busy".

Yeah, dude fuck-it. College is just around the corner.

Doctor D
04-2008-25, 02:48 PM
There is a thread in the Best of section that is called "How to become the king of your college" or something to that effect, read that.