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the piper
03-22-2006, 12:56 PM
ok so my wing switchblade described "piper's shy boy smile" perfect so i just copied and repasted
PIPER'S SHY BOY SMILE (only to be used on a stripper, otherwise you just look like you are stoned or something if it is at a girl at the bar)
Here's The piper's shy boy smile: go to the tip rail sit down in the least crowded area. Put your dollar down(I never spend any money these girls). open your body language to her with arms open but shoulders slightly cocked to the side. Look at her DEAD in the eyes with the biggest TOP GUN SMILE you can pull. After 3 seconds look away as if you can't believe she paying attention to you then look back still smiling. You can play with your hair as if your nervous to see her paying so much attention to you.
usually after her dance she will open you or even durring her dance she will tell you that you have a cute smile the open you after her dance or later that night. what you do from there is all up to you.
so we have all seen porn before, ever notice they never kiss but just stick out there tounges and like eachother...well kiddies it's field tested and mother approaved this is "PIPER'S PORNSTAR KISS"
ok you out on the town on the prowl and you have found the target iois left and right you're getting great rapport and what happens one of her friend pulls out the camera and yells "let's take some pictures" (photographs have risen by 100000000000% since the digital camera so everyone thank Japan)
ok so you take controll here
(you don't need to take this many but here are just some ideas for photos)
pua: ok you and you kiss me on the cheek.
hb's: ok. (and they do it)
pua: now here let me take one of you.
pua: now take one of me
pua: ok (to friend of target) now take one of us and you kiss me on the cheek.
pua: ok now the PORNSTAR KISS. i want you to stick out your tounge and get really close to my tounge but don't touch my tounge.
ok your tounges are really close and touch your tounge to hers get a LITTLE tounge contact.
pua: eww, i told you not to touch my tounge!
hb: ha ha ha. i didn't do that you did.
pua: ok whatever (laugh/smile) let's just take the picture.
i have done this 3 times and i have AT LEAST made out with the girl that night and usually within minutes of doing the PORNSTAR KISS. try it out i hope it works for you like it has for me.

03-22-2006, 01:16 PM
hahah very interesting!

the piper
03-22-2006, 01:31 PM
fucking style. so i am talking to my boy on the phone right now elling him the i posted shy boy glance and porn star kiss and i guess that what i did was the photo routine from the game. dammit here i thought i came up with something brand new and Style did it years ago. oh well i guess that means it is a good thing and it works....
...fucking style

03-22-2006, 07:14 PM
Its not the same. the idea of doing this during a photo is not new, but your approach to it is fine.
Be cool :cool: