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Prince of Spades
04-22-2008, 09:56 PM
Ok so i asked this hb (probably a 9.5) to the prom. Ok when you read the below your probably going to say OneItis and you used to be right but now its way to close to the prom for me to find someone new (less then a month away). Plus I'd rather have a really hot date and end up macking a not as hb(or hb we will see) then have a slut or mediocre chick as my date and mack her.

A little background
I've known her for a while. She's a year younger then me. I asked her out last year (really poorly done on my part) she said yes and when i called her she said this is Bill and then when i asked her out a bunch more times she said busy, busy, busy, lets be friends first. Anyways this isn't about last year.

This year: when i asked her to the prom she said yes and then a couple days later she called me and told me she had a bf (almost 100% sure she doesn't) can we go as friends. I basically said thats fine we can go as friends.
Now since then it's been a bit awkward between us cause well i know she has no bf and only lately have i been using moves and strategies (Almost finished The Game). I think she's sorta avoiding me (sometimes i do the same but try not to) Yesterday (or technically 2 days ago) I was talking to her and it was going pritty good (didn't run out of convo) until
I said: btw I need to know what dress your wearing so i know what corset to get
Her: um i wanted to talk to you about that, i kinda don't know if i want to go cause none of my friends are going, I'm getting back from my trip a couple days before and i still have to find a dress and some..(something else can't remember).. Can you find someone else
Me: really why are you telling me this now, its so soon, It's not like its your prom you shouldn't care all that much about finding the perfect dress
Her: some stuff
Me: can we talk about this later I mean don't you have to go back to that thing with that teacher
Her: um ya i guess
Me: um alright so we'll finish this later (or something along those lines) by

Then today i saw her in the halls.
Me: Hey hun, Do you have class now?
Her: um ya
Me: o damn well i kinda wanted to talk to you, you want to skip 4th with me?
Her: not really, kinda need to go to class
She bumps in to a guy on crutches in the hall
Me: nice knock over the cripple why don't you.. are you always like that (or something very very similar, I was trying to pull of a neg)
her: Shutup (with a smile on her face), go to class (and she goes turns around and starts talking to her friends again)

So why did that neg fail so hard? I'm pritty sure i said it CF with a smile on my face.

Anyways my game plan for when i really get to talk to her just me and her is:
Start off light talking about our weekends (I still haven't talked to her about our last 2 weekends) and i have a great story from not last weekend but the one before (shows social value, I might try and work the Cube into the story, so i can do it on her right after the story).
Then break into prom talk;
I don't know why your iffy about going i mean I like that were going as just friends, less pressure on me. My sister and her bf went to their prom with their friends even though they had been going out for a while and she loved it. I mean there's so many people going as just friends. Also i can get you to help me get some hot bitties. We will be a dynamic duo I'll get you a hot guy and you'll get me a hot chick.. Or would your "BOY FRIEND" dislike that.
(I figure this is good cause it shows her that i don't care about hooking up with her but its bad cause it might make her think i need help getting girls, I need some help on wording this bit). Also hun prom is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I'm giving you a second chance at that. Too most girls prom is a childhood dream I don't get why you wouldn't want to go. Even if your "BOY FRIEND" isn't there. I'll tell you what your going to do if you don't go.
A. Your going to go chill with some friends and get high.. been there done that.
B. Go to a party with some friends and get drunk.. Prom is that plus 10 times better.
C. Chill with friends and go to prom afterparty.. Might as well go to prom
D. Do nothing... Lame
I'll make you a bet your going to be kicking yourself thinking why didn't i go when i tell you how awesome it was and how my prom date was SO MUCH HOTTER THEN YOU.

Something about I was talking to some chicks and well if you want to back out i have 2 backups who i know will go with me but honestly I can't picture myself going with them and i'd much rather go with you even if were going just as friends.

So give me feedback on what you think and how good my game plan is.
Should i talk about anything else? Maybe again about how her dress doesn't matter that much cause it's not her prom.

.. Sorry it was so long didn't mean to be that long.

:cool: Prince of Spades outie

04-24-2008, 11:29 PM
You're done with the girl. Or rather she is done with you. It happens. It has happened to all of us. Just let it go. You should always work from an abundance mentality (She doesn't like you? Who cares! There are TONS of girls out there!). Constantly bothering her just comes off as needy, and therefore suggests lower value.

My advice is to finish The Game. Remember that it is for entertainment purposes. It is by no means a manual. The worst thing to do is to try to use the tactics you read about in that book. Just finish it so you can move on to actually learning about game.

Read The Mystery Method and go from there with all the other products you have available to you. Hint: Start in the "Endorsed Products" forum.

FORGET ABOUT THIS GIRL. Ask another girl. Maybe one that you think you may have better chances with, without lowering your standards by much. Enjoy your senior year. Don't get tripped up on trying to "game." Then afterwards, start your learning.