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03-22-2006, 07:35 AM
The Cure For Anxiety
Inner game is just as essential if not more so than what you portray on the outside. When I used to fight, I'd get really nervous at about a week before fight night. (Muay Thai is no tickling contest)
After reading a book on psychology today, I've recollected a lot of early thoughts back to my time as a fighter....
I realized after speaking to my coach, why this was. Inner Films! I used to spend nights awake, panicking that the guy I was fighting would be bigger or stronger than I. I used to see the fight happening in my head and imagining how bad it would be to loose, get hurt or even worse, get KO'd in front of my friends and familly.....
And that's when I realized that to be more confident and rid myself of that anxiety, I had to change the channel. I was still imagining a big guy who was stronger than I was, but I now played a film in my mind of beating him, and not just beating him, beating him in style................
The crowd's going wild, the commentators are in utter shock and disbelief at just how easily I'm winning, the ring girls who carry the signs to signify the rounds are getting wet at just how cocky I'm fighting. I feel on fire as I totally take my opponent apart. He goes down for the third time in the opening round... 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10..........YOUR OUT!!! my opponent is KO'd, the referee raises my hand to a standing ovation...Lady's and gentleman the referee has stopped the fight in favor of the winner in the first round, "The Ginger Ninja" It's time to go party..................:D
The point is that you have to visualize the win, and you have to do it over and over and over. You have to do this to the point of habit. Imagine being that person, that you, who's getting what he wants, seeing what he See's, feeling what he feels...... So you can roll this into any situation, see a film of yourself in your head of a girl really getting interested in you and stop any negative films that your mind might automatically play.
I now have a lot of motivational pictures from past glories, which are a collage on my desk top,and a friend of mine has made a great DVD for me, with lot's of high lights of what I consider my greatest fighting moments. After I watch them I know that I can do anything
All champion athletes use visualisation as a deliberate training tool, imagining winning an event over and over again in their mind until their mind and body know exactly what it is they want to do.' - Paul McKenna
Only play the films of yourself in your head that you would like yourself to be and you will become that person. ;)
P.S some of my motovational pictures...................