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04-12-2008, 11:30 PM
Ok i wanted to get a thread going, for us guys who are clueless on what to say on the phone, how too start the convo, and lead into a 10-20min convo that's fun and with no awkward silence. Most threads on here are about asking for txts, and when too call etc etc, or did i stuff up? so lets start this one off for, what to say on the phone?
I know sinn has one but i don't really have any DHV storeys to tell, so can't really use his technique

here is mine, it's pretty bad which is why i want to know what else i can do, to make it fun and hopefully get some ideas off guys..

Just 1/2hour ago, i made a phone call, to a lovely 21 year old. Heres out it went.

Me: hey XYZ it's me ABCD,I can't stay on 4 long, but how was your weekend?

Her: aww yeh it was aright just went clubbing,

Me: ahh yeh that's cool, my costume partie that was meant too happen again did'nt happen again, because such n such broke up.

Her: aww thats no good, what were you going to go as?

Me: i was going to go as the Riddler, but could'nt find the costume anywhere so i decided to go as the pirate, but since it did'nt happen it never happend lol.

Me: Hey i'm wondering do you have a good imagination?
Her: ahh not too sure ... why?
Me: well got this game called the CUBE it's pretty cool and it helps me to
get to know girls better.
Her: ahh ok lets play

Me: do the cube lasts 10min
Her: that's pretty cool,
Me: yeh blah blah blah
Her: tells storey about how uncle took off with car and left it on the highway.
Me: Niiiiice

Me: i'm just wondering sorry to cut you off but i can't stay much longer as i'm running out of credit, where abouts (her place) is and how far it is too mine?
Her: tells me,
Me: thats cool, i'm busy this week, but i'm wondering say sunday next week we could hang out and i'll show you up myway?
Her: yeh sounds good
Me: sets up date and says our good byes.

Thats pretty much it in the convo last around 15-20 min, and there were a few other little bits in there that i did'nt put in, she also mentioned about how she likes to talk her self up etc etc, which she seems pretty cool, and this is a chick off the net from an actuall Adultfriendfinder ;) .

Also i'm pretty nerves when it comes to making calls, i'm like George Kastanza on sienfeld, except i don't eat the apple, any ideas on how not too feel so nerves makeing the call? the 2nd and 3rd calls i'm always fine, its just the 1st call, i'm so nerves about making it, it's just like aproaching.

i also almost stuffed up, by saying that she was a nurse and she never mentioned it, it was from another girl i have been talking too (which i'm calling tomorrow and she's a 10), but explained i read a lot of profiles, and thought it was hers. I've set up the date for next sunday though so should be cool:).

Has anyone called a girl b4 and said something to her that was'nt her, but you were talking about another girl? and what did you do to fix it?