View Full Version : what do i do next? can i still bang her?

04-12-2008, 10:57 PM
i opened a set on wednesday at a pacsun. i number closed with the "draw me a picture of your self to remember you" routine. her name was vivian. i hit vivian up last night (friday). she almost automaticly wanted to chill. i went to go pick her up with a my wing (lumberjack). and my AFC friend with his girlfriend. after telling her that we were leaving town to go check out a new mall, she told me that she wouldnt be able to go. i was dissapointed with this, and i let her now. when we dropped them off at a local mall i got out and told her that in order to redem herself she would have to give me a kiss on the ceek (she did with no hesitation) and to text me later (i got ahold of her...through text:( .) while texting she told me that I was "condesending". i told her that maybe next time i get a "good vibe" off of someone i wouldnt be so quick to appoach. she flirted back to me in response. later that night she said "bye" out of no where, i said "peace" in return and she quickly wrote back "haha woahh wait what?" . i think im still good. and i want to tax this.

how do i get ahold of her again without being the chaser instead of the chased?
when we do hang out again how do get i laid? :D

04-13-2008, 06:33 AM
Maybe you seemed a little to eager.. my advice would be to wait a day or two and then text her asking to meet up sometime

04-13-2008, 08:28 AM
First, your FR doesn't provide enough details to even tell where you stand with this girl.

Second, what's with this "redem herself"??? Explain me the logic, is getting her number, or getting a kiss from her a reward to you? ...It should be a reward to her as your approval of her action. You "allow" her to kiss you, NOT you "get" a kiss from her.

and Finally,

Invite her over to your place for a movie. Escalate accordingly. And don't bring your stupid friends out. You need to have a real day2 (date) with her. At your house. No friends.

04-13-2008, 12:35 PM
okay thank you Truestory i appreciate the constuctive criticsm. im new at this.

first ill start with a better detailed FR. wednesday i was at my old work place talking to my old manager josh. as me and josh were talking HB8 walks in asking for an application. i knew that i needed to hit on her or id feel like a pussy. i followed the 3 second rule and told her that we were over employed and that there was no room for her (smiling as i said this, she lost focus on josh and refocused on me). i quickly followed with asking "okay how many nines id there in one hundred?;)" she went with it, i negged her on her hesitation to answer a simple question. "comon this is simple, just count a few numbers in your head, you can use your hands even, this soooouldnt be this difficult." her answer:10, the correct answer:19. i explained the reasoning and she giggled. shes asked me a few questions 1st about my nose peircing(i have my septum pierced), "wait, wait, Did that hurt?" "naw not to bad actually, lol did your ears hurt when they peirced thm?" i was teasing her. josh told me that he needed me to go for a second. i took that as my time restaint. i left for another part of the store. as i was looking at tshirts i could see vivian smiling at my from halfway across the room :D hhahaha. im pretty sure she was attracted.? as i was leaving, i pulled a peice of paper and a pen from behind joshes desk. i set it on the counter in front of her, and said "im about to leave, your going to do something for me before i go. write down your phone number and draw a picture of your self so i can remember you." she did with no hesitation, i left with no hesitation and that was my opening with vivian.

i texted her friday night.

me .picture of stick figure she drew me. oww look at cute little vivian.
her\who is this?
me\ look at the picture i think your smart enough to figure this out.
her\ its not loading, stupid phone.
me\ its izzy that guy you hit on at pacsun
her\ lol ohh sorry i get a lot of text from weirdos. how did you like my drawing?
me\ it was god, buuut ive seen better.
her\ im quite an artist.
me\ oh yea? ill out draw you any day of the week.
her\ right now.
me\ okay im coming to get you.

she called a few seconds later and gave me directions. we hadtrouble finding her place, i got frustrated and said "if i dont see you this time around im bouncing". i saw her. her and her friend got in. i told her we were going to a mall off of 144th, 20 mins away. she said she couldnt leave town, we were dropping them off at a local mall, 5mins away. we talked on the way their, nothing worthwhile. she had her arm on my leg. id occasionaly pull her head twords me (the music was loud). i told her i was dissapointed with her decision to not go with us.

we arrived at the mall. she got out, i got out, i told her to ste way from the group with me. she did. "okay your going to give me a kiss on the cheek, and text me later. aannnd ill think about giving you another chance." she gave me a kiss on the cheek without hesitation. and i ened up texting her.
ive had a text convo with her since then. i ended it by saying "im kinda busy, ill hit you up later."

how do i get ahold of her with being the persuer?
what do i do and what dont i do when with her?

destroy my game please. what was good? what was bad?
all constuctive criticism is welcome and greatly greatly appreciated.

im izzy by the way. thank you