View Full Version : Gaming @ a Pirate Party...(Frat Party)

Almighty Mexijew
04-12-2008, 12:15 PM
Tonight one of the local Greeks is throwing a "Pirate Party" because its their major event of the year. I'm looking to take advantage of the size of this party and the crazy theme so I can practice some sarging with the comfort of knowing pretty much every brother(though the terms with each varies widely).

Before I go into greater detail, my reason for posting is to get some expert opinions based on the details for situation-specific advice(since I feel this context allows some stuff that wouldn't fly at normal parties). It also doesn't hurt for me to write out my "battle plan" and "intel reports" so I get some much-needed clarity of mind.

Here's some details that I know:
-Location --> Their frathouse; a fairly big house that has a larger backyard. The lighting is more shadowy and dark than evenly distributed throughout various rooms(the atmosphere has been described as creepy by a few girls I'm friends with). Its being decorated to pirate theme, so prolly lots of ships and what not. Ice luge in VIP area, personal bedrooms of live-in brothers are upstairs and access is dependent on if they want you there, dance floor has centrally located stripper pole which is usually crowded by either the really drunk or the freshmen(lol).

-The People--> The Frat Bros. are a various mix of guys(some cool, others not). I'm more or less on good terms with them. There are a few haters but they tend to be the shadier folk and the AMOGs of the house.
-->I should know a significant portion of the girls there. At least about half. While a lot share good terms w/ me, there are usually a couple that come off avoidant for no particular reason. The remainder will be fresh faces(which is more what I plan on making targets of anyway).
-->Since its a larger party, I want to leave room to guess that even though I know a significant portion of people anyway, theres going to be some large degree of others I don't know, so, that means AMOGs I won't know about avoiding(or dealing with if need be) until I see them and recognize them for what they are.

-My Angle--> Here is where I need some quick building of a basic angle I can work with. I'm still deciding on a long-term identity.
So far here is what I've got to work with:
a.) I go by my forum name already as a nickname. Its interesting enough that sometimes people ask me about it from curiousity.
b.) if I get asked about the Mexijew thing, I'm an Anthropology Major as well. So I study cultures and stuff. Needless to say, this can be worked in to my advantage as well with a few interesting facts that keep the conversation flowing.
c.)I'm interested in traveling, and particularly foreign foods. I find this would make for an easy set-up for some sort of "Have you ever eaten....." opener that would lead to a N-Close at least to get some exotic food later.

Suggestions? Ideas?