View Full Version : Holiday/Seasonal Text Message list

04-07-2008, 05:41 AM
Hopefuly this goes somewhere,lol since there are so many good text messages you can use in certan holidays and seasons(be it weather, school period, whatever)

I thought we could have a thread dedicated to this.

I used this one during easter and it worked great:

"I found 6 chocolate eggs, does it beat your total"

she responded with saying yes because she had found none.

I respnded with:

"oh, that's too bad,, im willing to share but only like half of one"...

3 or 4 sms comebacks ensued, ending with me asking her out and getting a day2...

Im sure there are plenty out there so lets hear them.

MOthers day is coming up, so is workers day etc. All these holidays could be great sms openers...