View Full Version : If yourein Comfort already, when do you ask a girl out?

04-07-2008, 03:53 AM
I was thinking that once your in comfort arent you good to go for a funny line and ask out in the same message or a message later ? At this point both of you want to meet so why pussy foot around asking out?

04-07-2008, 04:10 AM
Pretty much...

However, there is a technique to it.

You don't ask, you tell them that you are going out.

'Hey, lets head out on tuesday of thurday for coffee. I should be around then becuase i am over that way...'

you are only going out becuase she will be fitting in with your schedule. You are not saying please choose to come out with me. You are subcomunicating that you are letting her be a part of your life, becuase you are letting her. In effect you are choosing her.

Although this still comes across as pussy footing around, the game is played in comfort... and you still need to have your gaming hat on. This means you are still needing to play to the rules of engagement.

The direct route i am sure will work, but there is a possibility of failure and embarrassment there, which is why the example above is better for me, as if she says she can not make it, no big deal, becuase you are doing other stuff anyway.

If anything there should be a natural progression for meeting for a Day2. If you are in comfort, and you stop th flow, to say 'come out with me on x day' could come across as very incongurent, and rather rude... :)

04-07-2008, 04:59 AM
Hmmm, good points.

Ive been like 2/3 weeks sarging since my bc, the 2 #closes I wanted to pursue where a bit different one without comfort building the other I had done that.

So I just tried to build attraction and comfort with one girl.

While the other one I went with funny line followed by asking her out, but your right both times I said:

"Hey I have xxx day free, lets meet after x pm." both times I got good response.

Today I was messaging another girl I #closed on saturday, after we exchanged numbers I told her I would give her a call these next few days she said "yes do call I had a good time bla bla bla" so I just wanted to go with funny line and ask her out in the same message, instead sent a playful one, will see how it goes but imo I could of just gone direct/funny in the same sms.

I do think that when you ask out a funny or disarming statement should be included to make the asking out less "heavy", I know they teach this in TMM but i "learned" it from howard stern how in his interviews he sneaks in tough questions by adding humor in there making his guest open up easier same when he deals with tragic stories, humor deflates the heavy mood...