View Full Version : Help- Ive Realy Fuckd It Up

04-03-2008, 10:57 PM
my friends girl friend hookd me up wit her mate whos supposed to b hot. she prob pickd me coz im her mates type. I gave good fone chat at first, and she really likd my pics :D but we've only talkd on the fone.

spontaneously i calld her to meet on the weekend but she was busy but she was keen to meet midweek. on that day she text me sayn she was ill and wantd to look her best wen she saw me.

i calld her that night and was a total AFC :eek: i musta bin high or somthing cos i didnt make it out to sound upset and i was crackin jokes but then i sed (for som unknown reason) 'i was told that you werent feelin me anymore' (ie that she didnt want to hook up any more) and i also ended the convo pretty quickly. i didnt even ask her how she was feelin.

i textd her last night to she how she was but i keep sayin stupid things for som reason -ahhh. how can i resurrect this?

Iv become such a loser lately- im so forced on work im not really that keen -but i no that once i get out of this weird mind frame i will regret it..im startin to regret it now :(

Agent 13
04-05-2008, 08:48 PM
Let her go. Too many fish in the sea. Maybe she'll contact you again about rescheduling a date, or maybe you'll see her out and be able to have a fresh start. Maybe not. Either way, too many fish in the sea to worry about one that got away.