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04-03-2008, 12:41 PM
So I realized I learned enough of this and it was time to start focusing on the bigger thnings in life and just be more assertive with what I do already know. Just from being more social, making strong eye contact, walking with good posture, giving value to woman rather than taking it away, and just letting out my desire for woman to be seen through my eyes rather than the look of suppression of my desires which leads to guilt or the angry look where I look afc because I'm upset at life because I'm upset at woman because they don't lay with me because I show neediness which is based or my sense of lack which is based on the unfullfillment of my 'needs' and the cycle keeps me imprisoned. But anyways this week.....
I've number closed about 6 girls but I have a dilemma,
although I flirt with these woman and a few give me strong indicators of lay invitations, it seems like besides the number close I don't know how to proceed. I could wait to see them in school (around 1nce a week per girl) and just keep getting more girls/options. Although I think this is the best frame because it keeps me in a mindset of abundance I feel this is also a circle where I'll just keep getting more numbers but won't get to know any1 girl intimately. What to do? Pick my favorite girl and make a 'date'. I say that because I have to isolate outside school, although I've thought about going to the back staircase...who hasn't?? So I don't know I want to get laid but it seems like I actually have to pick 1 to spend more time with if I'm to get everywhere. I can't just keep giving a flirtatious one liner, cocky funny conversation and then bam the semester is over.

04-03-2008, 12:59 PM
well yeah, TMM is just a temporary fix until you're inner game gets good enough for you to become a natural

Crni Panther
04-03-2008, 01:30 PM

04-03-2008, 02:12 PM
i'm dealing with the same problem, except i'm getting some pussy.

i've never had the problem of choosing which girl i want to hang out with, it's so fucking weird for me.

04-03-2008, 06:58 PM
It's so funny, I think we're in the exact same situation lol! But I've only gotten those numbers recently and I really don't have a clue what to do next.

But listen, spring break is coming up and finals after, it gets a bit hectic so I'm definitely gonna use those to my advantage. Since I'm not going anywhere for vacation I'm gonna definitely try to get dates with those who aren't going anywhere as well. And when finals roll around, great time to get together to study.

But Momento, I would really like to know how you handle it.

04-06-2008, 09:14 PM
My best advice to you guys is to not try to make such a big deal out of it. If you try to make a big deal about taking the next step, you're going to make a big deal out of the first kiss and the first sexual escalation. Everything should flow naturally and smoothly; neither she nor you should have to worry about the next step or even consider it for that matter. If your game is tight enough, it will happen naturally. In my opinion it's a lot harder on us being college-aged because there is a lot more suspicion about every step and every move by many girls who are still clinging to their idea of being innocent. What we have to do is take that away by making them feel comfortable and like it was supposed to happen. This is the same reason that girls are obsessed with love stories and movies like "The Notebook." If you want some more advice on how to do this feel free to ask, the last thing I want to do is be pressumptious and appear to be questioning your game. Hope this helps.

Crni Panther
04-08-2008, 10:45 AM
Very good advice Prowess...!


04-08-2008, 11:27 AM
It is called social circle. You are showing confidence, potential, I dont know.
For some reason you are an interesting presence in the college. Girls like that. And they want to know more about you.

Just continuing that is enough to get you somewhere. I am not the most experienced on the subject but one advice I would give is be just social as you are already and discretely propose an isolation (coffee lunch study). Dont show your attraction for the girl. Just be extra friendly. Once you are alone together it is very easy to proceed.

I wouldn't choose. My experience from college was that you don't exactly plan your next target. BUT once you fuck a girl and there are rumors about you the girls will hunt you.

04-08-2008, 11:48 AM
Dude , what ever your doing its working..... and if your getting numbers your gaming the girls weather your aware of it or not ..... when you get a girls number in College , you have to act like shes the one Benefiting from giving you her number ....

(Which she probably does)

If you come across as the high status guy who knows everybody and parties shes going to want to get your number so she can get involved with the cool parties , people , etc...... and if you disqualify yourself in the interaction shes not going to feel like your after her... so your showing non-neediness. Then at the last Minuet you get her number , acting like you will invite her and show her some cool parties later..... etc.

Now with all these numbers gaming is EASY ..... If you have a large social circle which is a MUST have for college game to work .... Just figure out what parties are going on during which nights ..... and invite 3 or 4 girls to tag along with your friends ..... most of the time 2 will say yes , the other will say no .... because their busy or what not ...

But if they say No IT DOEST MATTER ...... because it your already going to a party and having a good time, it shows Non-Neediness .... and if she doesn't come its her loss .....

Also when you roll to a party with girls with you ..... Its really really easy .... to even game OTHER girls .... because you already have girls with you ..... it shows your Preselected, And automaticly disqualfied .....

so My advice .... invite a few to a party ... contunie to game .... and also build comfort at these parties by bouncing parties etc etc ....

04-08-2008, 12:16 PM
I found out recently that I don't even care about game anymore. after much meditation, inner game, watching my mind w/o getting involved or attached to the content I've come to realize that I was actually seeking approval and validation from woman. I still have desire for woman but it doesn't keep me imprisoned like before. I feel ike I can just watch my desires without becoming involved or partially suffering for not fullfilling my desires or having them met only to be in an endless circle of searching for the next time. I see where game can take you and how it's crucial for guys that need to reach their potential. But I see it as more as a way to meet your fears, become a better you which eventually benefits those around you. This all sounds very zen but its comes from personal experience and the continual evolution and transformation of my consciousness level and view of the world. It's funny how just deciding to just enjoy 'being' and take it easy with the yourself and others has a profound impact on your view of reality. I still feel traces to get woman and excel in the game but I keep diverting attention away from it because I sense its more out of a sense of lack than a genuine desire to learn about woman or game. Every viewpoint has limitations because it shows you the dualities of that viewpoint. You decide to be loving, all that is unloving will show itself so you can pass the test of your integrity for the purpose of love. In the end we're all looking for meaning and happiness in our lives and we must remember that we are the source to experience happiness so it is always within and not without. Remember to not get caught up in the details of life and look at the overall context and how you fit into the purpose of the universe which is balance and the expansion of love. Are you resisting? Where can you let go? Who puts limits on your life? Can you recontexualize your current situation to give it more meaning in the grand scheme of life? Can you ligten up a bit more, laugh at yourself more, see the irony of life? Can you accept and forgive yourself a little more for trying the best that you can? Can you do the same for other people? Everyone is living to the best of their ability. If people could be something other than they are than they would. We don't know what limitations are present in their mind and holding them back. So, Am I a casanova? A guru? a guy that's got everything understood? Not even close. Am I moving my frame of reference from outside to within? You bet ya. Am I starting to depend on myself for happiness instead of looking for it 'out there'? Hell Yeaa. I don't mean to sound grim but our bodies are going to die, its lifetime will come to an end. Live every moment in gratitude to just 'be'.