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03-20-2006, 12:25 PM
Hi Guys.
I'm new to this 'Game', I've downloaded the Venusian Arts handbook, I've got the DVD's, but I have a bit of a problem.
I've been talking to this girl on the net, and bigged myself up (own company (truth), earning £30,000 ($45,000) a month(FALSE) (though nearly, and we've been chatting on MSN, and she's going to meet me on Friday for dinner.
I just need help and encouragement in this situatiion. I KNOW its not ideal, should we go for a drink first?
ANY help / support will be greatfullt received!!
VERY nervous!! I've been on loads of dates, but not wih a girl like this. She is also a TV personality!!
Forgot to say, I'm 37, shes 24.
Thanks for reading this,

03-20-2006, 12:36 PM
It sounds like it's gonna be work mate. You sound nervous and it's becoming a BIG thing, then when you do meet up, it might well not turn out so well. All is not lost...
Flake. Flake on her, this will increase her attraction. Don't go into it, call her up, tell her you can't make it. Don't get into a conversation, your telling her it can't happen and that's the end of the convo. In a cool, chilled out way of course.
After a week, schedule a new date when you can just hang out, go for a coffee, don't buy her anything, like a meal or even a drink, Just hang out for half an hour then say, nice meeting with you and leave as you have other things to do.
Take it from there. She should be intrigued by you and your building a non-needy attitude and letting her know that you don't have to impress women with anything other than your time.

03-20-2006, 12:36 PM
You're toast. You're intimidated already AND you started out on a lie. Granted, you could just run up a national debt and pull it off short-term, but you're done!
What makes you think she cares about the paycheck so much? Assuming she does, here is my suggestion. It has been field tested and works IF and ONLY IF you can keep in "character" the entire night.
Tell her to meet you at classy Lounge XYZ at 8:30. Tell her to eat on her own time. Drinks only....You arrive by 8 and hand the bouncer $20. Describe the girl to him and tell him your full name. Givehim your cell # if he looks willinmg to help you get laid. Sit in the back, out of sight from the front door.
When the girl arrives, have the bouncer come/call and tell you. He acknowledges her, and, after 30 seconds, says to her "Mr Smith is ready to see you now."
She walks back to greet you and wonders why you are such a hotshot. She will be thrown off and you will have the upperhand.
The rest is up to you. I would take her to a classy strip club and feed her martinis...but again, I think you're gonna lose this one.
Best of luck though.

Weapon of mass seduction
03-20-2006, 01:22 PM
I agree with all of the above...... firstly remember you are the prize so defo. don't go taking her out for dinner and paying for stuff this is fairly afc stylii.
Also you say you have been gaming her through the Msn, i personally try and stay away from this as you cannot properly convey your personality ie its impossible to use body language, eye accessing ques, emotions, tone etc so i would suspect that talking about how much you earn etc is more of an attraction to her than the man behind it If i were you i woludn't go on this date casually cancel and happen to drop into the conversation in the near future how you will be at a certain bar on a certain night for some other reason other than to meet her but if she would liie to tag along that wolud be cool (make her come to you dude) you have to have the stronger frame. be the exception to the rule remember your a cool popular guy with high social status you don't chase women they chase you.
Your feeling that anxious just now that when you meet her you will come across cagey and nervous and your body language will tell a different story from what you are saying.
just a quick thought hope it helps
sarge on:)