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03-28-2008, 04:12 PM
I work for a construction company and i drive a delivery truck, everyday i go to this supply store to get materials anyways theres a hb 7.5 that works there and one of the guys i know who works there tried to get with her and she wasnt having it, now we started talking on the internet about a week ago freindly light and i kept seeing her everday while working. We went out on a dat last night to a movie i wanted to do something abit more creative and original but it was to late and i just wanted to hang out with her, during the movie i wanted to put my arm around her but thought that might make her uncomfortable so i didn't... we joked a bit while the movie was playing i was playing cocky funny and throwing out play ful negs with a little bit of kino ,afterwards i threw out a false time constraint and said " you should come check out my apartment , but you can't stay long i have to work early" she agreed and we came back to my place my roomate was home i introed them and i then i showed her the place i ended up getting her to my bed rrom and she was sitting on my bed with the body language of being ready to leave any moment so i got out the guitar and dhv'd through some songs her body language changed i felt i could have k closed her there but i waited until the drive home then i did ---- now im at the point between that first date and the second this girl is kind of timid and that other guy who worked at the supply store did not have solid game im just looking for some advice on possible comfort routines and some advice in general on how you guys would approach this after that first date i personally think i played it classy and im just looking for some new knowledge


03-28-2008, 05:28 PM
Good deal. Second date your in...do this tell her to meet you at your place before you go out. Act like your running late, get her into your room and from there see if you even need to go out at all :D. Make sure to be playing a movie or some music in your room. Also keep your windows open and shit so she feels comfortable

03-29-2008, 05:25 AM
i already know that sort of stuff- setting the mood -- false timeconstraints - push pull i was looking more for some different perspective i might not have thought of , i already had plans to end the date in my room but i don't want to only bring her over to f close i'll figure it out and feild report thanks though