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03-25-2008, 09:10 AM
So I'm in the train with this girl I've game a few months ago (to me that means just opening, dhving and just being interesting and got a s/n close:o) but the reason I still think about her or even continue to talk to her whenever I see her is because, well, she's hot and also I got a lot of ioi's from her. Back to the train. So we're there and she mentions how she wants to transfer because there's no 'cuties' in the school and I said something along the lines of except me (with a confident smile). I should of said something more funny and not so dam cocky but it was pretty congruent with my body language and everything so w.e. So she says yea you're here now though and I'm like o congragulations its your lucky day and shes all giggly. But why I don't understand, and this happens a lot in my reality is that a girl gets very interested when I'm not interested or just having fun but when I do something that would be more along the lines of seduction or sexual innuendo they turn a cold shoulder. Like she caught me looking at her hips( which looked like she purposely threw out real far for me to notice) and then she looked at me like I'm some kind of perv. Was that a test? I kind of just laughed it off as if it's just my nature. So anyways I walked her home( no afc shit just because I wanted to) and thats it. main thing I want to know is why in my subjective experience are girls turned of when I give them hints that they turn me on. DAM I WANT TO BE STRAIGHT UP WITH THESE CHICKS I'M SERIOUSLY AT THE POINT WHERE I'M TIRED OF FAKE ROUTINES OR ALL THAT. MAYBE ITS CONFIDENCE IN THE FIRST PLACE THAT MAKES ME WANT TO BE MORE DIRECT BUT IT SEEMS GIRLS SAY THEY WANT THAT BUT THEN ARE INTIMIDATED OR EVEN SCARED WHEN THEY FIND A GUY SO UPFRONT ABOUT HIS THOUGHTS AND DESIRES

03-25-2008, 09:16 AM
i dont think anyone culd say with out watching you but it sounds like you need to work on your body language.

03-25-2008, 12:09 PM
I dunno, sounds to me like you're not physically escalating. Try reading the chapter in Magic Bullets about it. She was probably getting a friend vibe and thought of you as a really nice guy.

03-25-2008, 12:10 PM
You have to show her you like her .... For SOMETHING OTHER THEN HER LOOKS .... shes assumes your looking for sex ... etc ..... You have build a rapport .... its basic A-3 stuff ....

Because remember .... You act like you don't like her ..(Disqualify,Neg) etc ... so she thinks your not hitting on her ...... you DHV (preselected,leader of men) etc ... then you start to find things about her ... OTHER THEN HER LOOKS that you like about her .... after she starts giving you IOI's

-You Open , Disquallify/Neg , body rock
-Start Light Kino, stack into DHV story
-You start getting IOI's From her.
-You then start qualifying her to you
-You then find something OTHER THEN HER LOOKS that you like about her.
(This makes her feel special and that you have a connection with her and your not after her for her looks and you don't see her as a piece of meat.)
-It shows you like her because of who she is ... (This is getting into C1) Your now gaining Rapport .... she no longer has to be on edge around you and just be herself ...

Remember you have state after getting IOI's that you like her ... BUT NOT BECAUSE OF HER LOOKS ....


"Omg ... My first impressions of you has changed alot .... You have such a fun energy"

"When I first met you I though you were the crazy type .... I was wrong ... you seem pretty cool and laid back"

So it shows your Not QUITE attracted to her .... but its slowly growing .... and from her point of view it looks like shes slowly winning you over ....

You seem like a challenge .... and when you work for something you value it more ....

03-25-2008, 01:18 PM
yo ....

u need to read badboy

03-26-2008, 08:35 AM
thanks a lot guys. It makes sense about how the pieces of the puzzles in the game come together and how the whole ends up stronger than the sum of its parts and come together like notes and make a symphony.