View Full Version : Field report, party out of state

03-24-2008, 04:33 PM
So I went out this weekend while I was in the big apple. There was a major house party going on. Sarge every chance you get right. Exactly thatís what I was going for. So we pregame before the party then head out. I was shocked to see the lack of beautiful girls. There was one 7, one 8 and 9. The problem is that the 9 was a girl that is a family friend and if I didnít get her on my resume then it would be aquard for both of us whenever we meet again.

But what I did do was game HB7 for entertainment reasons. There was already attraction because I meet her before and she was after me the last time. I managed to kiss close her. One word of advice always be the first to pull away from a kiss. You become a drug. I remember teasing her. I would go in for the kiss then just before we make contact I pulled away. Do that twice and the kiss is even more passionate/erotic/intense than the first time.

After that my next mission was HB8. I saw that she was already with a semi friend of mine that I know. (AMOG) More like an acquaintance. The opportunity came when he was ignoring her the whole night. I had enough social proof because I knew everybody at the party and I was chilling with mainly girls. Even though one was my sister she didnít know that. She sat down next to me coz there was no where else to sit. When she positioned her seat to sit in it, I pulled the chair away and we started laughing. After the humor I pulled the chair back and allowed her to sit. It might have been foolish but I tried something new. I told her that she was the only person I did not know and held out my hand. She told me her name and we shock hands. I did the handshake routine when we shock hands. I was dead on! She enjoyed it, but she was looking at the AMOG. I thought that she felt he had more value than I did. So I showed her that I was at least one of the tribal leaders friends have having a little chat and cracked some jokes with him. Never check to look but I am sure she saw. Later that night she was sitting in a chair alone. I grabbed her out of the chair and we grinded on the dance floor. When the song was over I took her outside like I did HB7. While I was telling a DHV story she said she needed to take a piss. I guess I was wrong with a sexual humor joke. Didnít slide this time round. Cock block came out to join us and HB7 so I just shut down the mission and hanged around her while we were outside for a future F close.
Even though I did dance with HB9. It felt that we were both treading carefully. We got a little more erotic when it came to the dancing but I wasnít enough to actually start gaming her.