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03-23-2008, 12:33 AM
so, where am i at? im 16, i do parkour and tricking for fun. i don't have a style.. i don't have many clothes AT ALL, i have a couple of good friends, i don't have a whole lot of friends but im friendly with most people. i usually hang with my best mate every weekend, he also does parkour and tricks. im in my final year of school, i do the highest offered level of maths, physics, chemistry and english. im pretty smart. i like hiphop and some metal.

why am i making this post? i want to ground my identity, i want to make changes and i want to expand my understanding of game/social circle. it would be nice to have more good friends. my best mate is a natural, he knows about game and we talk about the social dynamics of our interactions with girls often. he is really good at what he does, he has his own method.

i feel like im a bit of a beta, i dont know. i feel inferior sometimes, i want to make changes. i want to be more confident, i want to STAMP OUT insecurities iv had for too long. i want to find my identity and who i am.

1. i want to get a style, i think this is the first step in beginning to find my identity. i need to find something that fits me. i need more clothes.

2. i want to be able to talk to anyone, just randoms on the street, girls, guys, etc, i want to know im high value, im a catch, etc. i also want MANY girls in my life, fuck. if i had a shitton of female friends, i think stuff would be easier in general.

3. i have insecurities, i lose confidence and sometimes don't know what to say. the thing is, i know how to cure this and its to go out and sarge, but i dont know... where/how/with who etc? a lot of the time i know what to do and what to say, im not an afc but i still end up (like right now) in a situation where i dont know what went wrong.

example, i met some girls through a mutual friend, i dated one of them (mistake) she turned out to be not so cool/a bit weird, so we broke up after a month. after a while me and my mate make up with her social circle again, at some party. my mate took a liking to this one girl (who i also kind of like, but mm..) now we hang with them on the weekends/have fun and i dunno, i think i like one but im not sure - and my problem with this entire situation? i want to be able to walk into a social group and have them all attracted to me/understand the social dynamics/what to do/what to say/how to act.

4. i want to be alpha. simple. where do i get started? its one thing to read about all that shit and its another to go and actually do it.

i don't really know if this is making sense, i suppose im just asking on how to improve my inner game and how to find my own identity, how to ground myself.

03-23-2008, 12:10 PM
As far as clothing goes: Get a female friend (either through your natural friend or get one on your own) who has a good fashion sense, and do a "You-help-me-shop-I-help-you-shop," and have her pick out some clothes for you. It's a great start: have her show you like 3-4 things that look good on you, then pick the one that's YOUR style, and buy it! The funny thing is that I do this and NEVER end up really having to help her shop. She knows what she likes, lol. Also women are great for shopping for jeans. I'll buy shirts solo now, but I won't buy jeans without a woman's taste.

03-23-2008, 12:19 PM
Dude, your 16! Not only will this tread be deleted, but also you should be out cocking things up and learning about yourself. You say theres no "you" but there is, you just have to find it. I/We cant help on that. "You" are all your life experiances, failiours adn successes. Without these your right, there is NO "you". Go and enjoy a few years first then come back and you can probally answer all these questions yourself.