View Full Version : Is it possible to save?

03-22-2008, 01:43 AM
I've been learning and doing the PUA stuff for about 6months now and along the way i meet a HB8 who I am now in a LTR with...but my problem is this..

The other night she said 'you don't want me to get bored with you do you'..then she said the thing I loved the most about my ex was the fact he never gave me his all.....after thinking and talking to my wing.....i turned into a pussy..and when i thing about it I did:S i felt it change internally where I was so focused on us working as I've recently moved in that I haven't don't jack of what got me here..

I'm so thankful she said something other than waiting for me to get boring and leave...which she has openly said well happen.

But my problems are this....I've been told to stop being so nice but when she asks me to do something e g get me a drink..and if i refuse i get told i wanted you to stop being so nice not a tool about it..or and angry face and she storms off and does it herself...I've tried asking whats in it for me...I get angry face and does it herself...

She well ask me "do you love me', after what she said I've tried 'Most of the time, when you don't piss me off" she then took that to heart and asked me what she does so she can stop doing it ... and I've tried 'Most of the time' I then get don't say that or I'll start believing it..What should I do here..Just say 'Most of the time' and leave her in limbo?, or anyone had this before and have a decent C&F response?

My other problem is she is still very close friends with her ex. I've vented my dislike for that a few times, but I've never really asked the "its him or me" line. She sweared black and blue that she would never do anything with him while with me, but she cheated on him with me ( yes i know thats a terrible thing to do but I had no idea how it would effect me later down the track , as I feel it really hard to trust her), and she feels hes her only really close friend and they have 3 years of history together so they know so much about each other..and next time it'll be 'me or him' staright away..but this chick is a learning experience for me and a big part of me wants to fuck up lots here and it'll be easier next time....cos my gut tells me this wont last.